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A Rigorous Academic Program

The Clairbourn model of education includes a rigorous curriculum and inspired teaching. Our students acquire essential 21st-century skills and intellectual habits of mind that lead to success in school and in life. At all grade levels, small classes are designed to motivate, engage, and support students to reach high levels of achievement. Learning is active and teaching is a dynamic blend of both traditional and innovative methods. A wide variety of co-curricular programs allow students to expand their learning well beyond the core curriculum.
Clairbourn has a comprehensive private school academic program.
Our curriculum is designed to be rigorous, intellectually challenging, and relevant to each student’s academic and personal growth. The program provides an educational experience that prepares our graduates with content knowledge and skills, intellectual habits of mind, and a values-based ethical framework that open the doors for acceptance to excellent independent high schools.

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  • Languages

    Acquiring additional languages and understanding other cultures are important life skills. Clairbourn’s Spanish program lays the foundation for our students to become Spanish speakers, while fostering an appreciation for diversity and the unique contributions of Spanish speaking cultures.
  • The Arts

    The Arts Program is a broad program where Students learn about influential artists, the elements of design, and the principles of art. Projects encourage careful observation, individual expression, imagination, a growth mindset, problem solving and skill development. The Music curriculum is designed for students to participate in active music-making. Singing and proper instrument technique lay the foundation for music literacy, participation, and appreciation. Lower School students explore various instruments, including xylophones, guitar, ukulele, recorder, drums, and other classroom percussion instruments. Middle School students participate in the school’s band. There are plenty of opportunities during the year for students to showcase their work in art shows, school-wide musical performances, and drama productions.
  • Athletics

    Clairbourn's Athletics Program develops the coordination, agility, and sportsmanship of its students through physical education classes and after-school sports activities. Students learn skills that increase their fitness, confidence, and readiness for future athletic pursuits while promoting lifelong participation in physical activity.
  • Library

    Clairbourn’s Library has over 15,000 volumes and extensive pre-filtered, age-appropriate on-line resources. The Lower School Library program teaches students to read non-fiction for information and promotes reading for lifelong enjoyment. Middle School students continue to have regular access to the library, with a focus on the importance of responsible digital citizenship. 
  • Service Learning

    Service-Learning activities, that start in preschool, align with our code of ethics, as students develop the capacity to be responsible for the welfare of the community beyond their homes and school.  Participating in service-learning projects at each grade level enhances our mission of Creating Scholars and Leaders with Heart.

After School Options*

Clairbourn's Before-School Daycare and After-School Daycare programs enables working parents to have child care for students from preschool through eighth grade. These programs provide opportunities for students to be enrolled in supervised activities that can begin the day as early as 7:30 a.m. and extend it until 6 p.m. After-School Classes and After-School Daycare are offered at an additional cost.

Summer Programs

Experience Clairbourn Summer Sports Camp with our athletic coach, Mr. Ball. Click here to register. We also offer summer enrichment classes organized and administered by Parker-Anderson on our beautiful campus. The company provides summer learning opportunities where students have ample opportunity to explore their interests, develop skills, and prepare for the next grade level in the fall. To learn more about Parker-Anderson, visit this page.
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Private School Education for Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School & Middle School. Serving Families in the Pasadena Area and San Gabriel Valley. Clairbourn is a 501(c)3 charitable organization (K-12 Private Schools) and accredited by CAIS and WASC.