Clairbourn School Mission: Creating Scholars and Leaders with Heart
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A Foundation for Life

Our daily Morning Assembly is a way for our students, teachers, and parents to build community, stay informed, identify role models, and experience the reinforcement of positive messages.  Students from first through eighth grade, along with teachers, parents, and visitors, start their day with a patriotic moment, messages from the Head of School, announcements from their peers, songs, and inspirational messages, tied to the Clairbourn Code of Ethics. Important events are also  celebrated throughout the year. Each day there is a moment to reflect upon and be grateful for someone or something in our lives. Morning Assembly gives each student many public speaking opportunities throughout their years at Clairbourn.   

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  • Morning Meeting for Preschool and Kindergarten

    Students in the preschool and kindergarten classes also start their day with a Morning Assembly in their room. This meeting is a positive way for everyone to come together to express gratitude, learn the pledge of allegiance and sing a patriotic song. In addition, the teachers discuss a variety of topics with the students that revolve around universal and positive qualities from the Clairbourn Code of Ethics such as honesty, respect and responsibility.
  • Inspirational Topics

    Our daily inspirational message is designed for a wide audience of listeners and is based on the Clairbourn Code of Ethics. It includes stories or messages that cover universal values such as forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, and courage — all designed to give students a resilient and strong personal foundation on which to build their lives. All students are encouraged to value the Morning Assembly as a time for their personal reflection and gratitude for the good in their lives. Parents are encouraged to attend the Morning Assembly and many do so because it gives them additional quality family time with their children and a wonderful, positive way to start the day.

Public-Speaking Skills

The daily Morning Assembly allows students in first through eighth grade to practice and develop their public speaking skills. Our supportive community makes it possible for students to have positive experiences speaking in front of large groups.  They run a portion of the assembly and present an inspiring message based on the Code of Ethics.  Students practice, to ensure comfort and poise  and are at ease performing in skits, delivering announcements about campus events and sports updates. In addition, public speaking skills are also regularly cultivated in the classrooms.

Five Core Values

Clairbourn School values honesty, respect, responsibility, spirituality and citizenship. These five values reflect different facets of a single virtue: character.

The Code of Ethics

Our Character Education Program and the Morning Assembly go hand in hand. The qualities listed in the Code of Ethics, described in this section, provide plenty of inspiration for fresh, character-building messages delivered by each grade level in the Morning Assembly. The Morning Assembly also creates skillful public speakers who can confidently deliver a message in front of a large audience. This is a key part of the Clairbourn educational program, as character is the essence of a child's future. These character-building qualities are reinforced by the Clairbourn faculty and staff in their interactions with every student.

List of 5 items.

  • Honesty

    Honesty in all members of the Clairbourn community promotes a well-functioning society. A person who acts honestly is a person who is genuine, sincere, honorable and trustworthy. 
  • Respect

    Respect supports harmonious and productive relationships within our community and positive feelings of self. It demonstrates the inherent value of every human being, recognizing and honoring everyone’s unique qualities through inclusivity, empathy, fairness and patience.
  • Responsibility

    Responsibility leads all members of the school community to stand by their actions and decisions. Each day, students, faculty, staff and parents have many opportunities to demonstrate the important traits of responsibility; accountability, reliability, perseverance and the honoring of commitments.
  • Spirituality

    Spirituality provides the community space to recognize the innate goodness in all people, looking for the best in every person and situation. The community comes together to support one another, through acts of generosity, kindness and gratitude, demonstrating a genuine love of self and all of humanity.
  • Citizenship

    Citizenship calls each member of the school to work toward bettering the community to ensure a strong, vibrant and productive environment. Respecting one another, upholding school standards, improving the lives of others and using a growth mindset for ourselves and the community are all hallmarks of Clairbourn’s value of citizenship.
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