Clairbourn School Mission: Creating Scholars and Leaders with Heart
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A Foundation for Life

Our daily Morning Assembly is a way our students, teachers and parents build close ties, stay informed, identify role models and experience the reinforcement of positive messages.  Students from first to eighth grade, along with parents, teachers and visitors, start their day with calming music, guidance from the Head of School, announcements from their peers, a patriotic moment and an inspirational message that directs their character education.

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  • Morning Meeting for 1st – 8th Grades

    Each day, 1st-8th grade student gather in the Multi-Purpose Building with teachers, parents, and staff. The usual format consists of a musical prelude, a greeting from the Head of School, and a flag salute where students say the Pledge of Allegiance, and sing a patriotic song. Sports and event announcements are also shared. This is followed by a three minute inspirational and character-building message along with a song designed to give students a moment to pause, reflect, and start their day in a spirit of gratitude and calm focus. This three-minute message is delivered by students in first grade through eighth grade in front of the entire school. This provides a wonderful opportunity for them to become comfortable with public speaking at a very young age.
  • Inspirational Topics

    The Morning Assembly meetings originated from the school’s religious heritage of Christian Science. Today, the inspirational message is designed for a wide audience of listeners and covers the Clairbourn Code of Ethics and may also include stories or topics that cover universal values of forgiveness, gratitude, and courage—all designed to give students a resilient and peaceful personal foundation on which to build their lives.

    All students are encouraged to value the Morning Assembly as a time for their own reflection and gratitude for the good in their lives. Parents are encouraged to attend the Morning Assembly, and many do so because it gives them additional quality family time with their children.
  • Morning Meeting for Preschool and Kindergarten

    Students in the Preschool and Kindergarten classes start their day with a brief Morning Assembly in their room. This meeting is positive way for everyone to come together to express gratitude. Students learn the pledge to the flag and sing a patriotic song and other songs. In addition, the teachers discuss a variety of topics with the students throughout the year that revolve around simple universal and positive qualities from the Clairbourn Code of Ethics such as honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Public-Speaking Skills

The daily Morning Assembly allow students in first up to eighth grade to practice and develop their public-speaking skills.  Our supportive community makes it possible for students to have positive experiences presenting information in front of a large group.  They run a portion of the assembly and present, in groups, an inspiring message based on the Code of Ethics or the theme of gratitude.  Students practice, ahead of time and the morning before, to ensure their comfort and poise.  By the time they reach middle school, they are at ease performing in skits, delivering announcements, sports updates and other campus happenings. In addition, public-speaking skills are also regularly cultivated in the classrooms.

Five Core Values

Clairbourn School values honesty, respect, responsibility, spirituality and citizenship. These five values reflect different facets of a single virtue: character.

The Code of Ethics

Our Character Education Program and the Morning Assembly go hand in hand. The qualities listed in the Code of Ethics, described in this section, provide plenty of inspiration for fresh, character-building messages delivered by each grade level in the Morning Assembly. The Morning Assembly also creates skillful public speakers who can confidently deliver a message in front of a large audience. This a key part of the Clairbourn educational program, for character is the essence of a child's future. These character-building qualities are reinforced by the Clairbourn faculty and staff in their interactions with every student.

List of 5 items.

  • Honesty

    Honesty is being truthful with yourself and others. Honesty results in fairness for each member of the Clairbourn community and makes for a life of integrity. It means that we adhere to our values when alone or in the presence of others. An honest person is genuine, sincere, honorable, and trustworthy.
  • Respect

    Respect is treating others as we would like to be treated. Respect is the cornerstone for developing and maintaining a harmonious and productive working relationship with all members of the Clairbourn community. It requires, in both words and actions, a recognition and understanding of the essential being and background of others. Characteristics central to respect include empathy, fairness, open-mindedness, patience, and inclusiveness.
  • Responsibility

    Responsibility is being accountable for our actions and accepting the consequences of our actions. Responsibility is the foundation for taking charge of our lives. Responsible people stand behind what they say and do even when it is uncomfortable or inconvenient to do so. Characteristics central to responsibility include accountability, reliability, perseverance, and self-control.
  • Spirituality

    Spirituality is believing in a purpose and power higher than ourselves and in the innate goodness of humankind. Spirituality results in a peaceful and empathetic environment for members of the Clairbourn community. It requires us to look for the best in every person and situation. It means that we think well of ourselves and others and proclaim this fact to the world through noble and quiet deeds. Qualities associated with spirituality include compassion, forgiveness, generosity, gratitude, humility, kindness, and a genuine love for mankind.
  • Citizenship

    Citizenship is the value which calls for every member of a community to work to better that community with their actions and attitudes. It is essential for a strong, vibrant, and productive school environment. It means setting aside exclusive self-interest and striving to improve life for all citizens through public service, volunteer work, knowledge, tolerance, and cooperation. Characteristics central to good citizenship include respect for others, adherence to rules and laws, commitment to the principles of democracy and justice, and loyalty to community, country, and purpose.
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Origin of Values from the Code of Ethics:
Clairbourn’s five core values both inform the school’s educational philosophy and reflect the school’s Christian Science heritage. There is no religious instruction in the curriculum, and the core values are a central part of Clairbourn’s robust character education program. For more information, see the Morning Assembly section below and read about the History of the School  on this website.
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