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A Positive Foundation

Clairbourn’s Preschool Program is designed to encourage children’s natural love of learning in an environment where they feel comfortable, confident, and secure. Preschool education creates a foundation for learning with pre-academic skills for school readiness. Children in our preschool program are prepared to enter Kindergarten with a positive self-concept, the spirit of inquiry, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The Great Outdoors Comes to Life in the Preschool Camping Unit

There is no better teacher than Mother Nature, and preschoolers at Clairbourn are immersed in a comprehensive Camping Unit that puts the lessons and benefits of time spent in nature front-and-center. Many of Clairbourn's preschool units come from student-initiated ideas.

Preschool Planet Movie 2020

Students in Pre-K have been studying the planets. They learned planet names and facts, dressed up like astronauts, played in a classroom spaceshi...

Characteristics of the Program

  • A enjoyable, nurturing, safe, and beautiful environment

  • Developmentally appropriate teaching with pre-academic skills introduced

  • Teacher-directed and child-initiated activities that promote positive learning experiences

  • Whole child focus, with language, cognitive, social/emotional, and physical development

  • Classrooms with a wide variety of materials used to enhance learning and exploration

  • Attention to the universal values from the Clairbourn Code of Ethics which includes respect, responsibility, citizenship, spirituality, and honesty

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STEM Studies in Action

STEM studies are important in the early grades at Clairbourn, and part of the program is an annual engineering event designed to focus their studies. Watch videos below of the most recent October 2018 event where preschool and kindergarten students, along with their families, showed off their hydro-engineering skills at the STEM Beaver Dam Build Event. 

The event space was filled with giant displays documenting, in great detail, the students' learning journey. Each display depicted their creative thinking, problem solving, and hands-on engineering skills.  The audience enjoyed a teacher presentation describing the research, exploration, and science skills associated with the study of dam building and beavers.  Then the group was invited to build their own dam, each of which was tested for water-tight properties.

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Clairbourn School is a coeducational, private school for students in preschool through middle school (JPK-Grade 8) that has continuously served the greater Pasadena area since 1926. We are known for excellent academics, our welcoming community, our attractive campus, and a strong record of sending graduates to top area high schools.
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Clairbourn is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. (K-12 Private Schools)