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Below is our 2021-2022 donor list. Thank you for your generosity and continued support!
Life Benefactor  |  $20,000 and up
Sabraj and Melissa Nijjar Jingyuan Zhang and Xia Jiang

President Circle  |  $10,000 to $19,999
Mr. Oscar Duan and Ms. Kelly Ling
Bhart Manwani and Diana Balmori
Angela Peng and Alex Liu
Mr. Xueqiao Wang and Ms. Jing Tian
Rick and Fiona Wang Ms. Fiona Zhang
Tiffany Xu Michael Lee and Jun Lau

Founder Circle  |  $5,000 to $9,999
Sevag and Lucy Balikian
Andy Cao and Niny Gao
Mr. HuaSun Cao and Mrs. Wei Yuan Tim and Lucy Chang
Xueyong Cheng and Aileen Chen
Jason and TingTing Chien
Brian Chung and Linh Banh
Anne and Mark Ewing
Jun Feng and Sihui Wang
Feng Gao and Liting Shen
Mr. Liming Gong and Jingbo Fu Ms. Jessie Guo
John Thorndike Min Li and Xiao Guang Lin
Enrui Zhang and Siyi Zhao Jun Lu
Mr. Hao Luo and Mrs. Xiaosai Wang Luis and Maria R. Magdaleno
Rio Sutikno Ong and Wendy Chen Mr. Christopher Orndorff
Mr. Marcel Sabella and Mrs. Alona Sabella Mr. Feng Jiang and Ms. Shenyun Zhang
Mr. Che Wang and Mrs. Ting Sung Mrs. Linda Wang and Mr. Victor Fang
Mr. Yang Wang and Ms. Huijuan Liu Jianqiang Wang and Hui Cheng
Bing Xue and Jay Yang Mrs. Cuijie Zhang
Jimmy Zhang and Stephanie Li Mr. Richard Liu and Ms. Julia Guo

Trustee Circle  |  $2,500 to $4,999
Anna An and Anthony F. Hu
Odell Beckham Jr.
John Chang and Livia Aryananda
Mr. Wei Chen and Ms. Ellen He
Dr. Steven Chen and Dr. En-Hsien Liu Mr. Chin Guok and Ms. Anny Shen
Weisheng Tao and Xiaojuan Du
Jun Feng and Sihui Wang
Betty Zhu
Jason and TingTing Chien
David Hsu and Jessie Zhang
Yan Huang and Fuyun Chen
Dr. Lucio Kim and Mrs. Connie Kim
Ruby Lam and Ray Lam
Rong Zhou
Jing Li and Wei Xiu
Mr. Baimo Li
Jonathan Lim and Cathy Lee
Shenzhou Lin
Jing Rong Shen and Jia Liu
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nafie
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Marks 
Andrea Montagna and Alessandra Baiana Mr. Hongkui Zhang and Mrs. Fang Liu
Mr. Jun Peng
Zhi Zhao and Yanyun Sang
Sean Song and Esther Yang
Haijun Tao and Judy Ding
John Thorndike
Mr. Michael Tom and Michelle Xu
Wesley and Dana Lee Wong
Vincent Wu and Linda Liu
Max Yang and Shiwei Wang
Chun Ye and Pingying Huang
Duo Fan and Xiaojie Yuan
Liqi Zhang and Chenxu Li
Jimmy Zhang and Stephanie Li Velisa Zhu
Edward and Tiffany Zhang
Shunxiang Zhang and Bo Guan
Xuebin Zhang and Mrs. Lei Zhuang

Head of School Circle  |  $1,000 to $2,499
Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Adams
Mr. Warren J. Arnett
Gbemisola and Olufemi Adenuga
GuangWei Cai and Echo WeiMin Wang
Mr. Aramis Hernandez and Ms. Miriam L. Perez
Qige Chen and Mr. Xiaonan Huo
Dr. Steven Chen and Dr. En-Hsien Liu
Jason and TingTing Chien
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Coolidge
Tony Yin and Jessica Dai
Mr. Vu T. Nguyen and Mrs. Cherry Dam
Mrs. Ying Deng and Mr. Zhibo Chen
Mr. Yu Duan and Mrs. Na Bao
John and Janice Elmore
Jun Feng and Sihui Wang
The Ferguson Family
Shuangyi Fu and Xu Lin
Ken and Jenny Chun Fung
Mr. Jinfeng Wu and Chaolan Gao
Ms. Feng Gao
Mr. Grace and Mrs. Caffee-Grace
Mr. Baimo Li
Chris and Debbie Chen
David Hsu and Jessie Zhang
Yan Huang
Mr. Allen Hwang and Ms. Ji Liu
Lino and Claudia Jubilado
Dr. Grace N. Kim and Bob Liu
The Kler Family
Khai Koh and Rachel Teoh
Angelina Kou Nancy and William Larr
Tiger and Nicole Law Ms. Huanyu Zhou and Shenjian Zhu
Guilong and Xiuping Li
Roy and Nina Li
Ms. Yao Li
Yan Li and Ye Zhou
Mengfei Li and Xiang Su
Jing Li and Wei Xiu
Mr. Frank Guo and Summer Zhang
Mr. Jeremy Lian and Ms. Hsien-mei Ko
Ling Yang
Fang Liu
Crystal Liv
Benedict and Melissa Lo
Michael Martinez, Class of 2004
Vincent McLeod and Elsa G. Lopez
Franco and Carina Montano
Steve and Andrea Moukabaa
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nafie
Mrs. Sarah Ni and James He
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nijjar
Elizabeth Orndorff
Kennan Ou and Angela Wu
Jeff and Amy Patzlaff
Edward and Tiffany Zhang
Eric and Sherry Sasahara
Sendy Greti Setiawan and Moong Shi Chan
Dr. John and Floy Shieh
Scott Smith and Kate Santiago
Sean Song and Esther Yang
Philip Sun and Priscilla Lin Betty Zhu
Haijun Tao and Judy Ding Yu Zhao and Zhipeng Chen
Tim and Vivian Tse
Mr. Cameron Walz and Ms. Man Zhang
Ms. and Mr. Jingdan Wang
Wled and Mastaneh Wazni
Jianyong Wen and Ellen Xu
Mr. Vincent Wu and Ms. Linda Liu
Peter Xiao and Michelle Zeng
Ms. Wei Yang
Masanobu and Miwa Takayanagi
Dr. Liva Yates Gritton and Dr. Raymond Gritton
Dr. Yunfan Yeh and Ms. Christina Huang
Wenkan and Yun Yu
Mr. Sean Zhang
Jimmy Zhang and Stephanie Li

Cougar Circle  |  Up to $999
Miss Beata Aniszewski
Emily Chien
Dr. and Mrs. Arora
Manuel and Adriana Avitia
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Ball
Mrs. Sue Barber
Hilary Barner
Mrs. Lynda Beckstrom
William and Melissa Blanco
Ms. Joy C. Bonwell
Mr. Joe Carnahan and Natalie James-Carnahan
Drs. Christopher and Zorica Buser
Vivi Cai and Hao Shen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. David Capper Mrs. Margaret Breazeal
Carlos Castillo and Karla Cabrera
Chun wai Chan
David and Stephanie Chang
Eddie Chen and Amy Xiong
Mr. Yen Hua Wu and Claire Chen
Jing Chen and Loddy Chen
Shelley X. Chen and John Liu
Frank and Roxanne Cheung
Mr. and Ms. Joshua G. Aragon
Sam Cho and Carolyn Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Clarke
Michelle Cogswell
Ms. Johanna Coreas
Laurie Corwin
Yunyun Dai and Wei Ma
Rajesh and Chaitali Dave
Dr. John Desjarlais and Dr. Christine Brown
Mr. Frederick John and Ms. Maureen Lennon
Ms. Lindsay Dezutter
Stephen and Cynthia Dickey
Ashley Zhang and Ke Ding
Phil and Mary Drazic
Yun Du
Miss Tara Edwards
Amir Eftekhari and Elahe Ashori
Martin and Gisselle Espinoza
Edgar Espinoza and Miriam Cruz
Dr. David Foltz
Ms. Kimberly Flores Jenny Fu
Ms. Susan Garrett
Mrs. Terri Gier
Mimi and George DeVasto
Elizabeth Hardt, Class of 2001
Rickie He
Patricio and Iris Hernandez
Hector and Vanessa Hernandez
Donald Hoard and Stefanie Wachter
Mr. Jonathan Hsieh and Jiazhen Ying
Mrs. Kelly Hung
Shannon and Mina Hutchins
Mrs. Cynthia Ison
Mrs. Lonny Jacobs
Jesus and Karim Jaime
Gastonia Goodman
Alan and Taryn Johnson
Michael and Shakira Johnson, Jr.
Heather and John L. Jones II
Mr. and Mrs. David Jones
Joanna and Courtney Kibbe
Ms. Rosemary Kiertzner
Morgan and Eliany King
Anita and Kim Knight
Kenneth Kong
Ms. Tetyana Kuzmyna and Mr. Alexey Gerasimov
Sudibyo Notopradono and Cindy Purwatama
Peter Larr, Class of 2003
Raven Larr, Class of 2008
Andrew and Rosa Lee
Ms. Julia Lew
Charlie Zhou and Lingyan Li
Frank and Tina Liao
Mr. Longson Lin and Crystal Sun
Ms. Li Liu and Dr. Tinju Yen
Mrs. Carol Liu
Ms. Elba Lopez
Ms. Suzanne Lukather Hen Ly
Yu Ma and Anna Quing Liu
Ms. Dannalou Machi
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mackey Harish and Rani Manwani
Jordan Marks, Class of 2008
Taylor Marks, Class of 2011
Steven and Victoria Masuta
Mrs. Barbara McAloney
Tracy and Ken McCormick
Mrs. Rebecca Messler
Ann Mize
Mr. Ryan Morehouse
Jason Nava and Stephanie Furukawa
Ms. Alana Navarro
Mr. Ray Lin and Dr. Misaki Nishimura Huy Charlie and Yvonne La
Mrs. Marie Orellana
Ms. Bridget E. Paciorek
Karen and John Paciorek
Edward Pearson
Thomas Pile and Rose Scobie
Ms. Beth Price
Mr. Oscar Mauricio Ramirez and Mrs. Nancy Chau
Ms. Karla Robles and Mr. Leonid Mendoza
Robert Rasmussen, Class of *2003
Nelson Orellana and Miriam Recinos
Kerry and Michael Reiling
Mrs. Karen Roberts
Mrs. Lee Rankin
Mrs. Sayra Rubio
Alfonso Ruiz Dr. Marianne Ryan
Dr. David and Dale Yee Rutledge Mr. Ramin Samari and Mrs. Min Che
Brian Sanchez and Lidia Lopez-Sanchez
Mr. Fardad Sarabchi and Dr. Elena Forouhar
Ricky and Kathy Seow
Emily Serhan, Class of 2012
Molly Serhan, Class of 2009
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Serhan
Ms. Fei Shen
Isahn and Kristen Shoemake
Jane Sobota
Eileen Song and Xingang Wang
Lawrence & Ramona Soza
Sarah Soza, Class of 2015
Andy Sreng and Hun Ly
Mrs. Gloria Stahmer
Glenn Standridge and Tarsha Proctor Standridge
Bill and Paula Steele
Catherine Stringer and Paul Pierandozzi
Mrs. Brooke Avoyer Strong
Debra Sun and Wayne Mah
Mr. Oswin Suyapto and Ms. Levina Subrata
Ian and Tijana Talisman
Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor
Mrs. Lindsay Thorne
Dr. Patrick Toche and Mrs. Amanda Lo
Mr. Dan Tran and Ms. Tammy Luk
Chihiro Villanueva
Ms. Guen Vinnedge
Nicole Wang
Susan and Gregory Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Watts
Mrs. Audrey Werner
Dr. and Dr. Howard Winet
Ms. Elizabeth C. Wong and Mr. Max Trumkul
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wong
Albert Wu and Hung Lim
Qingxia Wu and Zhiyuan Tan
The Xi Family
Michael Ye
Connie Ye and Yong Zhou
Andrew and Laura Yeghnazar
Mr. Arturo Yoshimoto
The Zamora Family
Arthur Zhang, Class of 2023
Kevin Zhang, Class of 2020
Ms. Xilian Zhang
Julia Yuen
Steven Liu and Doreen Zhang

AmazonSmile Benevity Community Impact
Brookfield Properties Management, LLC Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) of America Clairbourn Families Association
Edison International Makoto Taiko
Rotary Club of San Marino Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles
United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Juli Khoe Wei and Dora Kwan
Andrew Nay, Class of 2000

John and Janice Elmore Andrew Nay, Class of 2000
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Serhan Molly Serhan, Class of 2009

John and Janice Elmore Wei and Dora Kwan
Mrs. Barbara McAloney

Clairbourn Families Association
John and Janice Elmore Isabel Foundation
Mrs. Barbara McAloney The Robinson Foundation

John and Janice Elmore

John and Janice Elmore
John and Janice Elmore Sabraj and Melissa Nijjar

John and Janice Elmore
John and Janice Elmore

John and Janice Elmore

John and Janice Elmore Mrs. Barbara McAloney
Jodie Robison, Class of 1975

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