Together, We Are Clairbourn.

Life Benefactor
Sabraj and Melissa Nijjar Jingyuan Zhang and Xia Jiang

President Circle
Oscar Duan and Kelly Ling
Bhart Manwani and Diana Balmori
Xu Li and Xiaochen Liu
Xuegiao Wang and Jing Tian
Hao Luo and Xiaosai Wang
David Li and Tiffany Xu

Founder Circle
HuaSun Cao and Wei Yuan
Feng Jiang and Shenyun Zhang
Tim and Lucy Chang
Michael Lee and Jun Lau
Xueyong Cheng and Aileen Chen
Lei Liu and Angela Peng
Julia Guo
Christopher Orndorff
David Hsu and Jessie Zhang
Jodie Thomson Robison
Enrui Zhang and Siyi Zhao
John S.M. Chang and Livia Aryananda

Trustee Circle
Anna An
Weisheng Tao and Xiaojuan Du
Dr. Sevag and Lucy Balikian
Ting Sung and Che Wang
Wei Chen amd Ellen He Changlin Pang and Christy Zhou
Jason and Tina Chien
Jianyong Wen and Ellen Xu
Jun Feng and Coco Wang
Gao Rong Xiao and Li Feng
Chin Guok and Anny Shen
Wei Xiu and Jing LI
Bing Hou and Fang Liao
Chun Ye and Pingying Huang
Dr. Lucio and Connie Kim
Edward and Tiffany Zhang
Jonathan Lim and Cathy Lee
Xiao Shichen and Fiona Zhang
Jerry and Jane Marks
Hongkui Zhang and Fang Liu
Dr. Robert and Leslie Nafie
Shunxiang Zhang and Bo Guan
Jianqiang Wang and Cherry Cheng
Zhong Kua Zhou and Dong Ying Li

Head of School Circle
Christine and Elijah Adams
Steven Li and Jane Liu
Lynda Beckstrom
Jingrong Shen and Jia Liu
Margaret Breazeal
Michael Martinez
Andy Cao and Niny Gao
Vincent McLeod and Elsa Lopez
Chris and Debbie Chen
Steve and Andrea Moukabaa
Dr. Steven Chen and Kate Liu
James and Sherri Notley
Steven Chen and Sunny Li
Kennan Ou and Yanyan Wu
The K Chen and Iwankee Chen
John and Karen Paciorek
Brian Chung and Linh Banh
Jeff and Dr. Amy Patzlaff
Scott and Shelley Coolidge
Zhi Zhao and Yanyun Sang
Vu Nguyen and Cherry Dam
Eric and Sherry Sasahara
John and Janice Elmore
Sendy Greti Setiawan and Moong Shi Chan
Mark and Anne Gifford Ewing
Wen F. Shen and Chenxin Feng
Jinfeng Wu and Chaolan Gao
John and Floy Shieh
Frank Guo and Summer Zhang
Philip Sun and Priscilla Lin
Mr. Aramis Hernandez and Mrs. Miriam Perez
Masanobu and Miwa Takayanagi
Han Xue and Xiaoran Han
Tim and Vivian Tse
Saihum and Katekanok Hossain
Jia Wang and Mei Li
Dr. Joseph and Charis Hsu
Audrey Werner
Jin Huang and Xin Wang
Wesley Wong and Dana Lee
Yan Huang and Fuyun Chen
Vincent Wu and Linda Liu
Kenny Jin and Jane Wang
Peter Xiao and Michelle Zeng
Xin Xiong Zheng and Shaoling Chen
Dr. Anthony Yang and Evelyn Wah
Amanjit and Tekoah Kler
Tony Yin and Jessica Dai
Angelina Kou
Cuijie Zhang
Nancy and William Larr
Fan Zhang and Ting Chen
Guangyuan Li and Michelle Zhang
Liqi Zhang and Lisa Li
Yan Li and Ye Zhou
Nick and Claudia Jubilado

Cougar Circle
Natalie Arminak
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Lin
Manuel and Adriana Avitia
Laurie Corwin
Luke and Hayley Ball
Fusheng Liu and Gina Zhou
Sue Barber
Steven Liu and Doreen Zhang
Paul and Cara Barker
Crystal Liv
Hilary Barner
Benedict and Melissa Lo
Octave and Margarita Barreau
Elba Lopez
Michael and Jennifer Bartlett
Suzanne Lukather
Matthew and Mahvash Bryant
Hen Ly and Judy Thai
Drs. Christopher and Zorica Buser
Dr. Greg and Mary Lyzenga
GuangWei Cai and Echo WeiMin Wang
Dannalou Machi
Gabriel and Lorena Casillas
Jordan Marks
David and Stephanie Chang
Taylor Marks
Dr. Janny Chang
Carole Marshall
Cheng-Yuan Chen and Lulu Lin
Steven and Victoria Masuta
Yen Wu and Claire Chen
Barbara McAloney
Loddy Chao and Jing Chen
Tracy and Ken McCormick
Lillian Chen
Rebecca Messler
Chelsea Cheng
Ann Mize
Frank and Roxanne Cheung
Carina and Franco Montano
Linjie Chou and Caisa Haraldson
Ryan Morehouse
Sudibyo Notopradono and Cindy Purwatama
Mr. Ray Lin and Dr. Misaki Nishimura
Bingyuan Liang and Yongjuan Lin Michelle Cogswell
Mark and Victoria Crigler
Mrs. Bridget Paciorek
Rajesh and Chaitali Dave
Edward Pearson
Mimi DeVasto
Oscar Ramirez and Nancy Chau
Lindsay C. Dezutter
Lee Rankin
Stephen and Cynthia Dickey
Nelson Orellana and Miriam Recinos
Ke Ding and Ashley Zhang
Michael and Kerry Reiling
Phil and Mary Drazic
Karen Roberts
Tara Edwards
Benjamin and Sandy Robles
Amir Eftekhari and Elahe Ashori
Martin and Sayra Rubio
Kathryn Escuceria
Alfonso and Rocio Ruiz
Edgar Espinoza and Miriam Cruz
Dr. David and Dale Yee Rutledge
Victor Fang and Linda Wang
Marianne Ryan
Dr. David A. Foltz
Ramin Samari and Min Che
Price Wilson and Amber Pollard-Wilson
Dr. Fardad Sarabchi and Dr. Elena Forouhar
Ken Fung and Jenny Chun Fung
Nancy Sensenbach
Trevor Garlock
Isahn and Kristen Shoemake
Susan Garrett
Lawrence and Ramona Soza
Terrti Gier
Sarah Soza
Margaret Gifford Mr. and Mrs. Kim Knight
Clinton and Felicia Green
Gloria Stahmer
David and Georgia Grigsby Bryan Stadelmann and Hongmei Zhao
Zong Wei Zheng and Rui Guo
Oswin and Levina Suyapto
Janna Hawes
Dr. Ian and Dr. Tijana Talisman
Lin Zhang and Rickie He
David and Janet Taylor
Patricio and Iris Hernandez
Dale and Suzanne Thomas
Gloria Herrera-Iturbe
Lindsay Thorne
Donald Hoard and Stefanie Wachter
Patrick Toche and Amanda Lo
Ken Hong and Lin-Shan Chin
Tony Tseng
Jim and Marjorie Howard
Waydon Tseng and Jenny Kao
Mario Ikino and Luciane Queiroz
Guen Vinnedge
Lonny Jacobs
Cameron Walz and Man Zhang
Jesus and Karim Jaime
Nancy Ward, Class of 1984
Alan and Taryn Johnson
Greg and Susan Ward
Shakira and Michael Johnson, Jr.
Brittany and Chris Watts
David and Suzi Jones
Stephen and Rose Wen
Heather and John Jones II Mr. and Mrs. Gary Foreman
Haegelin/Khoe Family
Tony and Susan Won
Joanna and Courtney Kibbe
Sarah G Wong
Rosemary Kiertzner
Michael Ye and Ming Du
Eliany and Morgan King
Andrew and Laura Yeghnazar
Glenn Standridge and Tarsha Proctor Standridge
Dr. Yunfan Yeh and Christina Huang
Khai Koh and Rachel Teoh
Arturo Yoshimoto
Kenneth Kong
George and Grace Young
Wei and Dora Kwan
George Shao Yu and Jing Yi Li
Huy Charlie La and Yvonne Zhang
Wenkan and Yun Yu
Stacey and John Lam
Jose and Jeanette Zamora
Andrew and Rosa Lee
Arthur Zhang
Hanson and Vivian Lee
Kevin Zhang
Maoyuan and Luna LI
Xilian Zhang
Frank and Tina Liao
Xuebin Zhang and Lei Zhuang
Albert Wu and Monica Lim
Yaqing Zhou and Lingyan Li

Annual Fund Reports

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Clairbourn School is a coeducational, private school for students in preschool through middle school (JPK-Grade 8) that has continuously served the greater Pasadena area since 1926. We are known for excellent academics, our welcoming community, our attractive campus, and a strong record of sending graduates to top area high schools.
Private School Education for Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School, & Middle School Grades - Serving Families in the Pasadena Area and Surrounding Cities
Clairbourn is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. (K-12 Private Schools)