• Hello from Pali in the beautiful mountains!

    We are so ecstatic our outdoor education trip is back this year! Students from sixth to eighth grades went on a wilderness-based journey to Pali Mountain Institute and participated in a variety of adventurous challenges and outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, ropes courses and group games.
  • Because of Clairbourn. Because of YOU!

    This week, we kick off our 2022-2023 Annual Fund. It is our largest fundraiser of the year and supports all 272 Clairbourn students in areas like art, music, athletics, technology, the library, Spanish, and so much more. Because of Clairbourn, students have amazing opportunities every day to discover what excites, what they love, and what supports the scholars and leaders with heart they become! It is because of YOU, we hope to reach our goal of 100% participation in our Annual Fund. It is because of YOU, together, we are Clairbourn!

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  • Building an all inclusive community with Clairbourn’s five core values

    Our daily Morning Assembly is a way our students, teachers, and parents build close connection, identify role models, and experience the reinforcement of positive messages. “Morning Assembly is my favorite time of the day. I enjoy this quiet time with my kids and our school community. I love starting my day with gratitude. It gives me such peace.” shared a current family. This special time not only lays a foundation for our Clairbourn life but also provides opportunities for our students to practice public speaking.
  • Clairbourn teaches students to use design thinking and problem-solving skills to be the leaders of the future.

    We live in a world that changes rapidly and presents new challenges with no known solutions. We all saw this with the global pandemic. We were all thrust into a situation where we had to adjust our lives with no roadmap. It is certain that our students will face challenges in their future where no directions are provided. It is important for students to create, problem solve real world issues, code, design, question, research with discernment, and communicate in a variety of ways with skill. It is no longer enough for students to follow set instructions to achieve a specified goal. Rather, with the skills to critically think and the confidence in themselves, students are able to face and solve unpredicted challenges.
  • Through hard work and discipline, Clairbourn students gained the true essence of what it means to be a scholar and leader with heart.

    This year our C.A.S.T. (Clairbourn After School Theatre) had an opportunity to work with the art director from Centre Stage, Keely Milliken. Mrs. Milliken brought to us her 20 years of passion for the theatre and dedication to teaching performing arts. Our C.A.S.T. actors and Centre Stage were proud to present our 2022 theatre production, The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon!
  • Many Experiences, One Clairbourn

    It is hard to believe 117 days of school have gone by! That is 936 hours of learning and 56,160 minutes of growing! It passed by so quickly, especially when we were enjoying learning and teaching each day!

    Our youngest students made many discoveries this quarter including exploration of symmetry and a vet clinic unit. They had a visit from a vet technician to talk about X-rays, animal behaviors and more. Elementary students worked on their public speaking skills and further developed their math, reading and writing abilities. They continued their science exploration with units on weather, engineering challenge experiments and the solar system. Older students had several engaging collaborative projects as well as many hands-on science opportunities, including dissecting chicken legs. They also successfully represented Clairbourn in a math competition.
  • Fluid and Boundless Education: Open your door to Spanish, one word at a time!

    A Clairbourn parent once said, “Clairbourn learning is fluid and boundless. Both of my children learn not only through textbooks, but also from the daily conversations they have with their teachers and their interactions with their peers. It’s amazing how every moment is a learning moment at Clairbourn!” When we think about our lower school Spanish program, this is the perfect description: Every moment is a learning moment!
  • Clairbourn middle school students lead the way to embrace and celebrate diversity.

    There is inspiration everywhere we go. It could be something a friend said at a moment we needed to hear it. It could be a phrase we read in a book or from a fortune cookie. It could even be found in a quiet corner of the campus. Clairbourn Student Council has planned five diversity and inclusion presentations for the community this year and the inspiration they have brought to us is profound and motivating.
  • Clairbourn Board Member – Bhart Manwani, Clairbourn Parent

    Since 2006, the Manwani family has been an important part of the Clairbourn community. Bhart Manwani fell in love with Clairbourn while searching for the perfect school for his older child, Vicky, who started Clairbourn in JPK and graduated in 2017.
  • Clairbourn Board Member – Livia Aryananda, Alumni Parent

    Livia Aryananda has been a supporter of Clairbourn since 2009. Both of her sons, Kristofer and Anthony, were at Clairbourn since JPK and the family spent a total of 12 years here. Livia could call Clairbourn her second home. She was very involved with school events during her time here, from volunteering and recruiting new parents and chairing various events to being the CFA President twice. She also successfully chaired the Annual Fund twice and reached 100% participation in 100 days. Livia is excited to continue giving back to the community she loves as a Clairbourn board member.
  • Clairbourn Celebrates Love and Kindness

    Morning Assembly is one of Clairbourn’s long traditions. School members come together to hear announcements and start the day with gratitude and an inspirational message. The Clairbourn Code of Ethics - honesty, respect, responsibility, spirituality and citizenship — provide the basis for our Morning Assembly and students from first through eighth grade have an opportunity to work on their public speaking skills learning to confidently deliver a message in front of a large audience. It is a key component of our educational program and reinforces our core values.
  • Hand in Hand. Heart to Heart. One Clairbourn!

    There is no place like Clairbourn! Our students love coming to school from the moment they get dropped off to greet the Head of School, Dr. Patzlaff, and walk across the beautiful campus to their locker or class. “I can’t wait for school, every day!” said a second grader with great enthusiasm. We love seeing our students on campus and enjoy their cheers, laughter, and most of all their Clairbourn connection with one another.
  • Clairbourn Board Member – Dr. Robert Nafie, Former Clairbourn Headmaster

    Dr. Robert Nafie served as the Headmaster of Clairbourn from 1979 to 2018 and is one of the longest-tenured heads of school in the San Gabriel Valley. During his long and dedicated service to Clairbourn School, he led with vision and wisdom, and transformed the school to one with state-of-the art facilities equipped with the latest technology.
  • Growth Mindset: Creativity and Imagination

    Growth mindset is a quality we value greatly at Clairbourn. We want our students to believe in themselves, be open-minded, be comfortable with uncertainty, show strong awareness and the ability to grow. We believe our well-rounded program will promote a growth mindset in our students. Besides a rigorous academic program, we offer robust art, music, and drama programs to support and develop all aspects of our students.
  • Readers' Theater: Clairbourn Middle School Spanish

    The Middle School Spanish Program at Clairbourn focuses on both written and oral Spanish, along with the culture and geography of regions where Spanish is spoken. Language is one of the most important parts of any culture and we embrace the diversity and love for languages among our students and faculty at Clairbourn.
  • Clairbourn Growing Tradition

    In 1931, when Clairbourn first moved to its current location on Huntington Drive, the dominant feature hovering over the 8.5 acres was a large eucalyptus tree. Planted around 1870, this 120 foot tall blue gum eucalyptus stood as a campus landmark. The tree measured 46 feet in circumference and 12 feet in diameter at knee-level. The enormous tree was planted by Mr. D.J. Rose, an early resident who owned Sunnyslope Ranch, including the property on which Clairbourn School is now located. The eucalyptus tree was named the Clairbourn Tree and became the symbol of Clairbourn School. Students enjoyed playing around the tree at recess and enjoyed its distinct scent.

    What’s the fastest you have gone? Seventy miles per hour on the freeway? Five hundred miles per hour on a plane? For spacecraft heading to Mars, the speed can go up to 13,000 miles per hour. It can even go as fast as 24,000 miles per hour for a spacecraft heading to the moon! Soon, the United States is going to send astronauts to land on the moon for the first time in fifty years. The program is called Artemis. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo, which was the name of our first crewed missions to the moon. The astronauts on the Artemis missions will have to slow way down in order to land safely on the surface to protect themselves and their spacecraft!
  • Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight Students, ONE CLAIRBOURN.

    Students prepared for our Virtual Holiday Concert by rehearsing outdoors under the trees and practicing the choreography with great enthusiasm and joy! Music curriculum was incorporated into grade-specific lessons to teach musical concepts including melody, harmony, tempo, and dynamics. Older students in band and orchestra were able to learn various instrumental techniques on percussion, violins, mallet instruments, and recorders.

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