• Sinziana Velicescu, class of 2003

    Sinziana Velicescu, Class of 2003 - Award-Winning Photographer Tells Stories of Place

    Sinziana Velicescu, class of 2003, is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Film. Her photography explores human intervention with nature in landscapes that have undergone political, social, or environmental change. Appropriating architectural vocabulary, Velicescu disrupts everyday topography via careful composition to develop an elegant and humorous narrative to tell the story of place. Velicescu's award winning series, “On The Periphery,” has been shown in galleries internationally and is now available as a hardcover book, published by Aint-Bad.
  • Evan Robinson, Class of 2006, Visual Storyteller

    Evan Robinson, Class of 2006 - Master Visual Storyteller

    Evan Robinson, Class of 2006, is a visual storyteller with a penchant for telling compelling narratives. In his work, he likes to ask how a product is made, who uses it, and why people love it. He has created images and directed videos for brands around the world. A Renaissance man, he's also a pilot and flies small airplanes around the country. Check out his website and interview...
  • How You Can Help Others Get Stronger from Stress

    As Head of School for Clairbourn, I read a few interesting studies recently that talked about cultivating resilience and the difficulty of unrelenting stress.

    In one of the studies, the author discussed the notion that stress is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, you need a little stress in your experience to encourage you to make changes. The tension or discomfort of not doing one’s best is what makes us try harder the next time. This is the way stress can actually help us come out stronger or more resilient from challenges. The struggle makes us stronger. 
  • Let the Code of Ethics Guide Us

    Our Code of Ethics & Political Discussion

    As we launch into election season, we all need to be aware of our roles in maintaining civility in discourse, cultivating critical thinking, and maintaining our ethical standards. This is a challenging task in any election year, but even more so now as the country seems to be quite polarized and divided. 
    As you know, the challenge of maintaining respectful discourse is heightened in the discussion of topics that are highly emotional or charged in some way. As you navigate these waters in your homes, it might be helpful to keep the Clairbourn Code of Ethics in mind and help the children do the same. 
  • Amanda Adams

    Amanda P. Adams, Class of 1992 - Awe-Inspiring Fine Artist Using Ink and Paint

    Amanda Perrigue Adams, Class of 1992, is a fantastic fine artist who primarily paints with oil on linen, canvas, and wood. At Clairbourn, she was exposed to different kinds of art, which piqued her interest and helped inspire her career in art. Read her inspiring interview here, and  check out her pieces!

    Web address:
    Instagram: @amandaadams_art
  • Teale Hathaway

    Teale Hatheway, Class of 1992 - Internationally Exhibited Artist based in Los Angeles

    Teale Hatheway, Class of 1992, is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work explores the intersection of observation, recollection, and architecture/infrastructure. Her work has been exhibited all over the world and is featured in corporate, private, and public collections. She mentioned that she had the best memories of her time at Clairbourn School. Read about her latest projects, what inspires her, and her advice for our students or young alums who want to pursue art as a career. Also, check out her websites here: 
  • Post your painted rock on social media with the hashtag #ClairbournRocks!

    #ClairbournRocks! Help Spread Positivity and Kindness

    Painted rocks have become a viral trend recently because it’s a fun and easy way for families to spread kindness and positivity into their communities. The idea is to paint rocks with inspirational messages or cheerful paintings and hide them in the community for others to find.
    For the month of September, let’s sprinkle some kindness, positivity and school spirit throughout our Claribourn community. Paint a rock with a positive message or cheerful painting and post a picture of it on your social media page with the hashtag #clairbournrocks! Then, leave it somewhere for another person to find and enjoy.
    Thanks for your participation!
    Connie Kim, CFA president
  • Head of School Dr. Amy Patzlaff with Clairbourn students from the Fall of 2019

    Nine Things that Matter – But Only One that Truly Counts!

    As the Head of School for Clairbourn, caring for our parents, in addition to students and staff, is always on my mind. Recently, an in-depth article from caught my eye called, “Pandemic 2020: Will the Kids Be All Right? Lessons on Parenting from 100 Years of Crises.” It contains a lot of helpful explanations and advice for parents dealing with their fears about how to raise children successfully in the midst of so much uncertainty.
    Can children go on to lead successful lives and flourish in the face of educational disruptions and great adversity? Research shows that, while there are nine important elements that offer full coverage for children’s wellbeing, the real key to favorable outcomes boils down to one thing, and the good news is, it’s you! (Read More)
  • Tiffany Chang, Class of 2018

    An Important Message of Pandemic Hope from Clairbourn Alumna Tiffany Chang

    Tiffany Chang, from Clairbourn’s Class of 2018, sees the opportunities embedded in every crisis. She credits her elementary school, Clairbourn, for the optimistic thoughts that inspired an award-winning video she made for the Center for Future Global Leaders (CFGL) Young Artist Competition. She says, “I will always be grateful to Clairbourn as the school has always taught me to look at the positive side of every situation and to stay optimistic even during the most difficult times. I will never forget the important life lessons Clairbourn instilled in me.”

    Over a period of about 2 weeks, fueled by her positive-outlook habits and motivated by her own optimistic actions while staying at home, she scripted, animated, and recorded an artistic video on the topic of “Hope” for the CFGL competition. Her “Leaders of Tomorrow Video During the Pandemic” project was designed for parents and students, and reveals a path out of hopelessness by making a point of looking at the brighter side of the stay-at-home-order and disruptions to normal routines. 

    After addressing the world-wide toll on health and the derailment of education in the era of COVID-19, she uses the powerful and repeated reframing question, “What if?” “What if this generation is advanced because of this pandemic?” Tiffany’s project presents 18 reframing questions in total that provide ample reasons for optimism in the face of great hardship. As a result, her project not only delivered on the intended inspiration, but it also won her a $300 prize and a top spot as a national finalist in the CFGL competition.

    We invite you to watch her video, read the transcript that follows, and then learn more about Tiffany’s impressive record of philanthropy and community service. 

  • The Zoom meeting with the alumni panelists took place on July 29, 2020.

    College Applications: Clairbourn Alums Share Advice

    Clairbourn School held a virtual panel in July 2020 featuring alums who offered advice on the college application process. Panelists included Kristofer Chang ‘16, who will be attending Harvey Mudd College, Jada Gritton ‘16, who will be attending the University of Pennsylvania, and Salvatore Rego ’15, now attending the College of William and Mary. The panel’s moderator was Mina Kasama, From Clairbourn’s Class of 2011, who attended Dalhousie University for her undergrad and is currently pursuing an MA in International Relations at American University.
    Watch the recorded virtual panel here, or read the following notes from the meeting below .
  • An organized well-lit workspace can help encourage focused learning.

    Set Your Child Up for Home-Study Success

      This personalized work space is inviting with a cozy rug, several chairs, and colorful posters.
    With school starting up in Remote Learning formats at almost all school locations, now is a great time to set up your child with everything they need to support their home studies. Begin by considering a properly-equipped location in your home where your child can learn.

    Experts say that, “Without a specific learning spot, young learners can be easily distracted, they don’t have supplies they need nearby, and there’s no sense of consistency. The family couch, then, as comfortable and easy as it seems, may not be the right option for young children needing to learn about routines, early education, and self-regulation.”1
    While assessing the available space in the home, ask yourself what type of setup would provide the most consistency in your child’s learning? Would portable learning boxes for different subjects work best, or would it work better to create a designated area of the house where they have everything out and ready?  READ MORE
  • Remote Learning Done Right!

    Many parents have heard that as of July 17, 2020, all area schools are required by Governor Newsom to be in Remote-Learning mode in the fall. Clairbourn was prepared for that possibility, and the school has taken extensive steps to do remote learning right! Over the summer, we expanded our investment in the latest technology and equipment, including a new fiber network, to support our Remote Learning Program and to provide a top-notch online learning experience for students. 

    Our teachers are tech-savvy and they are supported by one of the finest teams available, Knowing Technologies, who work with schools and their teachers to ensure they are empowered to deliver meaningful lessons using appropriate and compelling software and technology tools. These people are always on call for our staff!

    Additionally, our students will each receive a remote learning device preloaded with configured software and will receive technology training at the start of school to ensure a seamless experience whether they are doing school online or switching to an on-campus experience.
  • Clairbourn Named Best Private School

    Clairbourn is Named Best Private School Two Years in a Row!

    Several months ago Readers Choice Magazine asked families across the San Gabriel Valley to vote for their favorite schools. We are proud to announce that for the second year in a row, Clairbourn School won Best Private School for 2020, and the news was published the the June 28 issue of Readers Choice Magazine. You can view the posting here: Thanks for your enthusiastic support of Clairbourn School!
  • Rmax Goodwin, Class of 2008 - Los Angeles Magician Discusses Networking and Mentorship

    While our Clairbourn School alums end up in a multitude of industries, there is a common thread that runs through their stories. They are hardworking, dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives, and they are impressively accomplished. They also understand the importance of giving back, which this featured alum, Rmax Goodwin, demonstrates so well.

    Rmax (pronounced Ar-Max) Goodwin became interested in magic when he was six years old, and at Clairbourn School, he was encouraged by his teacher, Mrs. Wreede, to audition at the Magic Castle. His life changed at this point when the Magic Castle became a resource for him to network and learn from some of the modern-day masters. His pursuit of excellence in his craft also made him keenly aware of the intellectual and academic parts of performing. He recognized that the audience-performer relationship is quite complex and that his mentalism, which is punctuated by unique presentations, had to be well-researched and practiced over and over again. This was where he put his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Pitzer College to use, as he applies his ability to think persuasively and logically to his unique and sophisticated form of entertainment.
  • Graduate Kaylie S. walks along the quad to

    A Special Graduation for the Class of 2020

    How do you properly honor a group of 8th grade students, full of achievements and ready to graduate, who have spent as many as 11 years of their childhood at one school? Due to the pandemic of 2020, normal graduation ceremonies and gatherings were not allowed, but Clairbourn found a way to honor each student with a special family graduation appointment. Using the spacious center quad to present diplomas was perfect because it allowed for social distancing, beautiful photographs, a symbolic graduation walk, and contactless delivery of the diplomas because parents were asked to hand the diplomas to their children and shake their hands.
  • Erin Price, Class of 2012 - Community Service Leader and Educator with Purpose and Heart

    Erin Price, Class of 2012, radiates maturity, poise, and purpose. She embodies the qualities of an outstanding Clairbourn alum. Just this May, she graduated from Smith College with a degree in Psychology and Education & Child Study and plans to co-teach at an elementary school in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Being a community builder with a heart for service and helping others has always been a core value in Erin’s life.

    It started at Clairbourn School where she was taught by excellent educators, like Mrs. Laurie Corwin, who inspired her to pursue teaching and showed her that it was possible to make the classroom “exciting, comfortable and interactive.” In college, Erin mentored and tutored students at an international school for English Language Learners and Refugeesa life-defining experience that affirmed her sense of purpose in building relationships and being of service to others.

    Service is so ingrained as a part of Erin’s life that she was recently honored with the Rita Wilkins Prize from the Jandon Center for Community Engagement for her leadership and involvement with community service. She has been involved in projects such as working in urban gardens, collecting produce for local food banks, and organizing an annual winter gifts drive.

    When asked whether she had any words of wisdom accumulated over her years to impart, she remarked, “I wish I knew that you don’t need everybody to like you; just be nice and be yourself. Also, you don’t have to be perfect at everything you try.” These are profound words coming from someone who has already positively impacted the lives of so many around her and will continue to transform the lives of many more to come.
    See what else Erin has to share in the following interview:

  • Put your leisure time this summer to good use! Read up expert child-raising advice.

    Summer is a Great Time to Check-In with the Experts on Raising Children

    Have you ever wondered what Clairbourn’s Leadership Team members, Dr. Patzlaff, Janet Taylor, and Karen Paciorek, as well as the teachers, and even our own parents are reading and watching on the subjects of education and raising children? As summer approaches, it is a great time for parents to find out. Throughout the school year, curated and inspiring content is published for our parents in the Parenting Partner Playlist Group on Clairbourn’s CougarNet intranet website!

  • Taking care of others, by donating your time, attention, or resources is proven to boost well being more than self-care.

    Learning How to Thrive in Hardship

    According to an April 2020 Gallup poll, regarding the pandemic’s negative financial, physical, and mental effects, 23% of Americans reported feeling they were already in a mental health crisis or just a few weeks away from having one. An additional 19% felt they could hold out for a few months at best. This is not good news considering no one knows the duration of the pandemic or how long social distancing will need to be practiced.

  • Clairbourn's Class of 2020

    Announcing Class of 2020 High School Acceptances

    Congratulations to our graduating eighth-grade students who have been accepted into and plan to attend the following high schools.
    Barreau, Madison - Los Angeles County High School for the Arts
    Bu, Emily - La Salle College Preparatory
    Chang, Kyle - St. Francis High School
    Chen, Jenny - Mayfield Senior School
    Chen, Matthew - Flintridge Preparatory School
    Chiu, Aidan - La Salle College Preparatory 
    Drazic, Leah - California School of the Arts-San Gabriel Valley
    Echemendia, Zaria - Flintridge Preparatory School
    Espinoza, Thomas - La Salle College Preparatory
    Gokgoz, Sophia - La Salle College Preparatory 
    Ho, William - Campbell Hall
    Hong, Austin - Flintridge Preparatory School
    Jones, Cyanne - Polytechnic School
    Lopez, Alexander - St. Francis High School
    Marshall, Raymond - La Salle College Preparatory 
    Pavel, Andrew - La Salle College Preparatory
    Plummer, Roxy - Out of State
    Reiling, Matthew - Flintridge Preparatory School
    Sheng, Kaylie - Flintridge Preparatory School
    Tian, Raymond - La Salle College Preparatory 
    Tseng, Jaleen - Flintridge Preparatory School
    Waite, Wendy - Mayfield Senior School
    Zhang, Barbie - La Salle College Preparatory
    Zhang, Kevin - Flintridge Preparatory School
  • Grateful Clairbourn students made special thank-you cards to honor and appreciate their hard working teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week in May.

    What is Gratitude Doing to You?

    Gratitude is a word we hear a lot at Clairbourn School—especially at the start of May when students celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week and submitted thank you notes, drawings, and videos to honor the work of their teachers. After such a heartfelt and bountiful outpouring of thanks, it can be easy to feel satisfied about our community’s understanding and practice of gratitude. So why is it important to unpack it and take a deeper look?  Because this single word represents a much bigger concept than sincere thank-yous and heartfelt feelings.

  • Teacher Cara Barker’s students in Grade 6 and Grade 7 take a Mannequin Challenge brain break to boost their focus on the learning material.

    The Balancing Strategy of Brain Breaks

    Thanks to the pandemic, screen time is dominating our lives right now, which means balancing strategies are needed to ensure we aren’t always plugged-in. Clairbourn School teachers are great at this.  Even in traditional school, our teachers help students find balance so they stay productive.  Cara Barker’s middle school classes (featured in the video below) are a great example of using the “brain breaks” strategy to make sure students stay healthy, productive, and focused—and this is something everyone can easily do at home to recharge and rebalance their minds and bodies.
  • Alumni Legacy Family: Anne Gifford Ewing, Class of 1992 - Trusts and Estates Lawyer

    Possessing an Audrey Hepburn elegance coupled with the intelligence of Madeleine Albright, Anne Gifford Ewing from the Class of 1992 speaks with an arresting precision and poise. One could point to her training and current profession as a trusts and estates lawyer as the key ingredient for her competence as a wordsmith. One could also note her passion for literature, writing, foreign language, history, music, and theater as influential in shaping her career interests and encouraging her to lead a reflective and well-examined life. While all of these factors played integral roles in honing Anne’s skills, what stands out the most is her time at Clairbourn, which laid the foundation for her future and cultivated a love of learning.
    Her daughter, a current Clairbourn student, represents the third generation at Clairbourn. Both Anne’s parents were active in the school, with her late father, G. Grant Gifford serving as a Trustee for several years, and helping to fundraise to update the campus, and her mother, Carolyn Gifford, volunteering with the CFA, doing carpools, and contributing in countless ways to the community at Clairbourn. We are so thankful for legacy families, and new ones as well, because they bring a much-needed perspective and history that bridges the past to the present day.
    Anne also offers useful and inspiring advice for our students – advice that has served her well in her profession and in her personal life. Speaking on the virtues of Clairbourn, Anne adds: “It has a real sense of optimism, energy and freshness, while thoughtfully preserving so much of what was good about the past. The school is better than ever and we feel lucky to be a part of it.” Read her full interview here.
  • COVID-19 Reflections: Alum Nina Luo, Technologist and Humanitarian

    A deep thinker, with a thirst for knowledge and an agent of change, Nina Luo from the Class of 2018 is determined to improve our world through journalism and technology. Her motivation, which was nurtured and shaped at Clairbourn school, is to help others and save lives. She wants to make a positive impact on our society and world. After becoming aware that Nina recently published several COVID-19 related articles on WeChat and was starting a website featuring overlooked and under-reported news, we caught up with her to ask about her current projects and future endeavors.
  • Keep track of all the boxes you can check off for others and thank others who did things for you!

    Need a Morale Boost? Help is Right at Home

    If you are a fan of vintage American sitcoms, you may have seen the show Hogan’s Heroes which depicts a scrappy group of Allied prisoners in a German POW camp who managed to run countless special operation campaigns under the noses of their jailers. The main character was Colonel Hogan, an effective and clever leader with tremendous morale-boosting skills. His well-oiled machine of dedicated men knew how to cooperate, stay safe, and simultaneously do some good even when the odds were severely stacked against them.
  • Sarah Soza, Class of 2015 - Extraordinary Viola Player

    For anyone who’s had the privilege of watching Sarah Soza perform, there is no doubt about her extraordinary talent and her passion for music. Many of her memories from Clairbourn relate to the music program, where she loved music class and loved playing for the school ensemble. Currently, Sarah is a first year student at the University of California, Irvine, majoring in music, with a specialization in viola performance. Originally a violin player, Sarah switched over to viola at the beginning of her senior year in high school. 

    The following video of her performing three viola pieces, as well as her video interview update, offer ample evidence of her talent and passion for music studies:
  • First-graders sing hymns from the Morning Assembly Handbook.

    The Case for Morning Assembly & Chapel at Clairbourn

    If people—specifically children—were similar to computers, then giving them a quality education could be likened to a straightforward system of installing robust processing components, memory, and storage capacity as well as loading them with the right software, information input, and maybe even artificial intelligence necessary to turn them into problem-solving powerhouses.

  • Clairbourn Teachers and Staff Made this Poster to Greet and Support Clairbourn Students.

    Teachers Supporting Our Remote Learning Students

    Clairbourn teachers, like most educators across the globe, spent late March and early April converting their lessons over to an online format so students could continue to make progress in their studies during the COVID-19 crisis. The Internet has so many tools and resources to help with the transition, but Clairbourn is a close-knit community, and nothing can replace the human connection. With teachers missing seeing their students in person, they worked together to make a printable poster message to say hello and give their students added encouragement.

  • Not One Sock Left Behind! How Kids Can Help at Home

    Now that Clairbourn School students are spending all of their time at home due to COVID-19 sheltering in place, many of our parents are feeling like full-time maids on top of their overwhelming normal responsibilities. Lack of help from family members in tidying-up can lead to a breakdown in morale among family members when some don’t do their fair share.  But the good news is, learning to help is part of each student’s character education and it is part of building up their inner sense of purpose and value.
    Dr. Robert Myers from the Child Development Institute published an insightful article last year called, “The Reason Children Should Do Chores is Because it’s Good for Them.”  He wants parents to know that, “Giving children chores can make them feel wanted, teach important life skills, and help ease the workload for parents. Recent studies have found that giving children chores from an early age will help teach them work ethic, responsibility, self-reliance, and other vital life skills.”

  • COVID-19 Reflections: Alumna Mei-Tung Chen on Living in the Moment

    Our wise and deep-thinking alumna Mei-Tung Chen, from the Class of 2017, is currently a junior at Flintridge Preparatory School. Not only is she passionate about math and science, but she is also huge fan of literature—an enthusiasm first nurtured at Clairbourn, where she regularly submitted short stories and poetry to the award-winning, student-produced, literary magazine Paw Prints. Her interest in writing is most evident in her role as the Editor-in-Chief of the satire literary magazine at Prep called The Yell at Prep. 

    She also enjoys combining her love of writing with humor, and holds the position of co-captain for a performance improv team—Comedy Sportz. As busy as she is, Mei-Tung also finds time to indulge her love of baking. As the president of the Baking Club, she is particularly proud of the chocolate souffle she baked during this quarantine period. She also makes time to develop her musical talents and share them with others. Having learned to play the piano at a young age, as well as violin in 4th grade with Ms. Mize at Clairbourn, she now enjoys performing on the violin at hospitals and retirement homes for an initiative she runs.

    In the following interview, we caught up with Mei-Tung to ask about her reflections on this period of social distancing. She responded by sharing the lessons she’s learned and the wisdom that she’s accumulated from reflecting on her past and examining the kind of life she wants to lead in the present and future. With resolve, she remarks, “I think it’s the wrong idea to want to return to the way we were before, I think we should want our lives to return to something better.”
  • Christian Yeghnazar, Class of 2013 - Social Entrepreneur Paving the Way for Change

    Christian Yeghnazar is mature, reflective, and thoughtful—a paragon of excellence that is representative of our Clairbourn students and alumni. Currently a junior at USC, Christian is majoring in Business Administration with minors in Computer Programming and Applied Analytics. He attended Clairbourn from 2004 to 2013 paving the way for both his younger brothers Luca and Matteo who attend Clairbourn as well. He is currently pursuing a career in the entrepreneurial world by starting his own venture. Most recently, he launched a new website called College Connect, which pairs high school students with current college students and guides them in making informed decisions about college. His mission is to help make a positive social impact through his endeavors. We are so inspired by Christian. Read about his story and experiences here.
  • Paige Dyrek, Class of 2006 - Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

    For the men and women who dedicate themselves to the medical profession, it is truly a calling. Paige Dyrek, Class of 2006, is no exception. She has chosen this career in medicine because she was passionate about helping people who have overcome traumatic and life-altering injuries. 

    She received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree form Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona and is completing her Preliminary Medicine year at UCSF-Fresno. In June, she will head to Stanford to complete her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a specialty that deals with the acute rehabilitation of traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neurodegenerative diseases, and sports-related injuries. 

    Paige credits Clairbourn School with providing her the knowledge and skills to succeed, as well as a positive learning environment that instilled in her a passion for learning. To learn more, Clairbourn's Alumni Director Dr. Janny Chang conducted the following interview with Paige about her journey from Clairbourn to a promising career in medicine:
  • A Clairbourn preschool student floats in space in front of the planet Mercury using green screen movie magic.

    Clairbourn's Preschool Immersive Space Unit

    Outer space, with its jewel-like planets, shimmering stars, and astronauts with their cool technology, is very exciting to the imagination! Naturally, Clairbourn preschoolers dove right in to their STEM unit about space with great enthusiasm. The whole class got busy learning about the Milky Way, our solar system, and the planets—and some students even learned the planet names in order!

    This was an immersive unit with academic, artistic, and hands-on components. One of the features included a visit from Outreach Coordinator and Astronomer Dr. Jeff Rich from Carnegie Observatories in Pasadena, California, who came to Clairbourn with an inflatable planetarium that fit the entire class inside.  A film projector animated the inside of the dark dome with popular wonders of the night sky, and the students were educated about how to locate and identify well-known stars and planets
  • New Clairbourn Trustee Debbie Chen with Chris Chen

    Clairbourn's New Trustee Debbie Chen

    Current Clairbourn parent Debbie Chen has been an important presence on campus for all of the years her son and daughter, Matthew and Natalie, have attended. This is her 13th year as a Clairbourn parent. Natalie is currently in Grade 11 at Westridge and Matthew is in Grade 8 at Clairbourn. And now, Debbie has stepped into a whole different role as the school's newest Trustee.  In order to properly introduce her to the school community, we asked her to share the following information about her life, family, and qualifications:
  • Clairbourn’s second-grade class presents Door of Hope Executive Director, Rev. Magan Katerjian, with a check for $1044.96 at the school’s Morning Assembly.

    Clairbourn’s Second-Grade Class Service Project: Door Of Hope Fundraiser

    Clairbourn second-grade students learned the value of giving back during their yearly fundraiser to benefit the Door of Hope homeless shelter in Pasadena. For the past 21 years, the second grade class has held a pocket change drive to help support those living at the Door of Hope. This shelter for homeless families strives to restore disrupted lives and to break the cycles of homelessness and domestic violence.
  • Austin H. and Matthew R. were named the Overall Design Challenge Winners.

    Clairbourn 2020 Engineering Design Challenge

    Cranes—the heavy-lifting kind—are all around us, and they perform vital roles in a variety of industries. They can lift or lower tremendous amounts of weight, move loads into position, and enable construction companies to ascend their buildings into the skies.  An opportunity to explore the mechanical principles of these fascinating machines was presented to Clairbourn students during their annual Engineering Week Design Challenge in January of 2020. 

  • Jeffrey Karsh, Class of 2002 - Partner at Real Estate Investment Firm

    Meet Jeffrey Karsh, a partner at private real estate investment firm Typerion Partners in Los Angeles, and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Jeffrey attended Clairbourn in the early 1990s, from preschool through sixth grade, before his family moved to Beverly Hills.
    Jeffrey recalls his time at Clairbourn as still “vivid” in his memory, where he recalls the teachers who inspired him and the friends he enjoyed and loved spending time with.
    Emily Coolidge, Class of 2012, interviewed Jeffrey to find out more about his cherished time at Clairbourn and how it helped boost his confidence in third grade as a top tennis player and influenced his further education. She also asked him what advice he has for those interested in a similar career path.
  • Taylor Marks, Class of 2011 - Health and Wellness Expert and Entrepreneur

    Our Clairbourn alums continue to impress us with their talent, eloquence, kindness, strong work ethic, beauty, intelligence, and wisdom. Taylor Marks, Class of 2011, is no exception. We caught up with her during a visit to the Clairbourn Families Association Tennis Social, and in between her stellar tennis shots, we asked her if she would be featured. <br /><br />She enthusiastically agreed to be featured, pointing out that Clairbourn has had a significant impact on her childhood. Although she has had a wide variety of experiences after high school, including attending university in San Francisco, and living in such a diverse and fast-paced city, she will always remember Clairbourn as the place where she had an "overwhelming sense of community and family." She learned important skills here, and she made lifelong friendships. Clairbourn was a place where she was nurtured and encouraged and loved. Her tight-knit family, including her mom, who is active as a Board Member at Clairbourn, continues to inspire her to work hard and pursue what she loves.&#160;<br /><br />Taylor is currently pursuing a career in health and wellness and plans on starting her own business in order to help others pursue a healthy and fulfilling life. Read more about her inspiring life and the invaluable advice she has for our students and alums.
  • Middle School Math Teacher Rebecca Messler shares the Rich Open-Ended Tasks concept, used in her math classes, with Clairbourn teachers.

    Empowering Middle School Math Students at Clairbourn

    Clairbourn School’s Middle School Math Teacher, Rebecca Messler, returned from winter break excited to share with her fellow teachers powerful ideas gleaned from the California Mathematics Council South Conference which she attended in mid-November of 2019.

    This conference, offering hundreds of sessions and packed with several thousand math teachers, proved to be a power-house of great information! Messler attended eight sessions applicable to teaching middle school math. Highlights included presentations from two important thought-leaders in math education, Jo Boaler (a Stanford professor, research, and author) as well as Dan Myer (speaker, former teacher, and the chief academic officer of which, is Messler’s favorite math exploration and education support website).

    At the Clairbourn staff development meeting in January, Messler chose to share with everyone the idea from the conference of incorporating “Rich Open-Ended Tasks” (ROET) into their teaching methods. She explained this simple concept can be easily implemented and produces stronger engagement and increased understanding of subject matter among students with differentiated learning styles
  • Tami Millard, Educational Specialist, The Center for Connection

    Clairbourn Staff Development: Neurodiversity and Student Support

    Serving the learning differences among students is a hot topic in education today. In order to ensure that Clairbourn School’s teachers continue to deliver the highest standard of student care, a staff development session was held on Monday, January 6, to deepen awareness of student learning differences and to expand teachers’ collection of resources and strategies.

    Speaker Tami Millard, an educational specialist at The Center for Connection in Altadena, California, addressed Clairbourn teachers at the staff meeting with a follow-up talk on “Student Support.” She spoke earlier in September on the topic of “Neurodiversity,” which means we are all uniquely wired with our own set of strengths and challenges. As part of her talk, she encouraged teachers to “chase the why” behind classroom behavior (avoiding good or bad evaluation language) and to instead discover what unmet need the student is struggling to communicate.
  • Grades Junior Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5, along with Middle School musicians performed in this year’s Holiday Concert at Clairbourn School.

    Clairbourn’s Holiday Concert – Let it Snow!

    When Christmas time comes, Californians often wish for some brisk winter weather to fully celebrate the season. The desire for snow flurries inspired this year’s Holiday Concert at Clairbourn School called, “Let it Snow!”

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    Join us for a virtual tour of Clairbourn via Zoom! Meet our administrators and current parents and learn about the Clairbourn experience in both remote-learning and on-campus modes. 
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