• Christian Yeghnazar, Class of 2013 - Social Entrepreneur Paving the Way for Change

    Christian Yeghnazar is mature, reflective, and thoughtful—a paragon of excellence that is representative of our Clairbourn students and alumni. Currently a junior at USC, Christian is majoring in Business Administration with minors in Computer Programming and Applied Analytics. He attended Clairbourn from 2004 to 2013 paving the way for both his younger brothers Luca and Matteo who attend Clairbourn as well. He is currently pursuing a career in the entrepreneurial world by starting his own venture. Most recently, he launched a new website called College Connect, which pairs high school students with current college students and guides them in making informed decisions about college. His mission is to help make a positive social impact through his endeavors. We are so inspired by Christian. Read about his story and experiences here.
  • Paige Dyrek, Class of 2006 - Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

    For the men and women who dedicate themselves to the medical profession, it is truly a calling. Paige Dyrek, Class of 2006, is no exception.

    She has chosen this career in medicine because she was passionate about helping people who have overcome traumatic and life-altering injuries. She received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree form Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona and is completing her Preliminary Medicine year at UCSF-Fresno.

    She will head to Stanford in June to complete her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a specialty that deals with the acute rehabilitation of traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neurodegenerative diseases, and sports-related injuries.

    Paige credits Clairbourn School with providing her the knowledge and skills to succeed, as well as a positive learning environment that instilled in her a passion for learning. We are so proud of you, Paige, and we continue to cheer you on as you change the world, one patient at a time.

  • A Clairbourn preschool student floats in space in front of the planet Mercury using green screen movie magic.

    Clairbourn's Preschool Immersive Space Unit

    Outer space, with its jewel-like planets, shimmering stars, and astronauts with their cool technology, is very exciting to the imagination! Naturally, Clairbourn preschoolers dove right in to their STEM unit about space with great enthusiasm. The whole class got busy learning about the Milky Way, our solar system, and the planets—and some students even learned the planet names in order!

    This was an immersive unit with academic, artistic, and hands-on components. One of the features included a visit from Outreach Coordinator and Astronomer Dr. Jeff Rich from Carnegie Observatories in Pasadena, California, who came to Clairbourn with an inflatable planetarium that fit the entire class inside.  A film projector animated the inside of the dark dome with popular wonders of the night sky, and the students were educated about how to locate and identify well-known stars and planets
  • New Clairbourn Trustee Debbie Chen with Chris Chen

    Clairbourn's New Trustee Debbie Chen

    Current Clairbourn parent Debbie Chen has been an important presence on campus for all of the years her son and daughter, Matthew and Natalie, have attended. This is her 13th year as a Clairbourn parent. Natalie is currently in Grade 11 at Westridge and Matthew is in Grade 8 at Clairbourn. And now, Debbie has stepped into a whole different role as the school's newest Trustee.  In order to properly introduce her to the school community, we asked her to share the following information about her life, family, and qualifications:
  • Jeffrey Karsh, Class of 2002 - Partner at Real Estate Investment Firm

    Meet Jeffrey Karsh, a partner at private real estate investment firm Typerion Partners in Los Angeles, and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Jeffrey attended Clairbourn in the early 1990s, from preschool through sixth grade, before his family moved to Beverly Hills.
    Jeffrey recalls his time at Clairbourn as still “vivid” in his memory, where he recalls the teachers who inspired him and the friends he enjoyed and loved spending time with.
    Emily Coolidge, Class of 2012, interviewed Jeffrey to find out more about his cherished time at Clairbourn and how it helped boost his confidence in third grade as a top tennis player and influenced his further education. She also asked him what advice he has for those interested in a similar career path.
  • Taylor Marks, Class of 2011 - Health and Wellness Expert and Entrepreneur

    Our Clairbourn alums continue to impress us with their talent, eloquence, kindness, strong work ethic, beauty, intelligence, and wisdom. Taylor Marks, Class of 2011, is no exception. We caught up with her during a visit to the Clairbourn Families Association Tennis Social, and in between her stellar tennis shots, we asked her if she would be featured.

    She enthusiastically agreed to be featured, pointing out that Clairbourn has had a significant impact on her childhood. Although she has had a wide variety of experiences after high school, including attending university in San Francisco, and living in such a diverse and fast-paced city, she will always remember Clairbourn as the place where she had an "overwhelming sense of community and family." She learned important skills here, and she made lifelong friendships. Clairbourn was a place where she was nurtured and encouraged and loved. Her tight-knit family, including her mom, who is active as a Board Member at Clairbourn, continues to inspire her to work hard and pursue what she loves. 

    Taylor is currently pursuing a career in health and wellness and plans on starting her own business in order to help others pursue a healthy and fulfilling life. Read more about her inspiring life and the invaluable advice she has for our students and alums.
  • Middle School Math Teacher Rebecca Messler shares the Rich Open-Ended Tasks concept, used in her math classes, with Clairbourn teachers.

    Empowering Middle School Math Students at Clairbourn

    Clairbourn School’s Middle School Math Teacher, Rebecca Messler, returned from winter break excited to share with her fellow teachers powerful ideas gleaned from the California Mathematics Council South Conference which she attended in mid-November of 2019.

    This conference, offering hundreds of sessions and packed with several thousand math teachers, proved to be a power-house of great information! Messler attended eight sessions applicable to teaching middle school math. Highlights included presentations from two important thought-leaders in math education, Jo Boaler (a Stanford professor, research, and author) as well as Dan Myer (speaker, former teacher, and the chief academic officer of which, is Messler’s favorite math exploration and education support website).

    At the Clairbourn staff development meeting in January, Messler chose to share with everyone the idea from the conference of incorporating “Rich Open-Ended Tasks” (ROET) into their teaching methods. She explained this simple concept can be easily implemented and produces stronger engagement and increased understanding of subject matter among students with differentiated learning styles
  • Tami Millard, Educational Specialist, The Center for Connection

    Clairbourn Staff Development: Neurodiversity and Student Support

    Serving the learning differences among students is a hot topic in education today. In order to ensure that Clairbourn School’s teachers continue to deliver the highest standard of student care, a staff development session was held on Monday, January 6, to deepen awareness of student learning differences and to expand teachers’ collection of resources and strategies.

    Speaker Tami Millard, an educational specialist at The Center for Connection in Altadena, California, addressed Clairbourn teachers at the staff meeting with a follow-up talk on “Student Support.” She spoke earlier in September on the topic of “Neurodiversity,” which means we are all uniquely wired with our own set of strengths and challenges. As part of her talk, she encouraged teachers to “chase the why” behind classroom behavior (avoiding good or bad evaluation language) and to instead discover what unmet need the student is struggling to communicate.
  • Grades Junior Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5, along with Middle School musicians performed in this year’s Holiday Concert at Clairbourn School.

    Clairbourn’s Holiday Concert – Let it Snow!

    When Christmas time comes, Californians often wish for some brisk winter weather to fully celebrate the season. The desire for snow flurries inspired this year’s Holiday Concert at Clairbourn School called, “Let it Snow!”

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