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Grades 6 to 8

Clairbourn’s Middle School program provides a rigorous course of study in a supportive learning environment. Our program is designed to challenge students to become strong thinkers and learners, and confident, caring human beings. Our students graduate well-prepared for success in high school and beyond.
The values of respect, responsibility, citizenship, spirituality, and honesty, from Clairbourn’s Code of Ethics, are an important aspect of each middle school student’s academic and social learning experience.
Involvement in service activities that promote an understanding of community and global responsibility
Annual outdoor education class trips with an emphasis on the environment, leadership, and team building
Departmental structure with core teachers specializing in English, social studies, math, science and Spanish
Assemblies and speakers that expose students to diverse perspectives and experiences

Voices of Clairbourn - Meet Our Students

Hear from Clairbourn students who share in their own words responses to questions like: What is the level of academic challenge at Clairbourn? What accomplishments are you proud of? What is the school community like? What do you like best about Clairbourn?

Program Components

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  • English

    Strong communication skills are critical for success in private high schools, colleges, and life in the 21st century. Clairbourn’s middle school English program is focused on building strong writers and critical thinkers through analyzing quality literature, essay writing, oral presentations, and dramatic and creative projects.
  • Language Program

    Clairbourn’s Middle School Language Program is the study of the Spanish Language. Students learn both written and oral Spanish language along with the culture and geography of regions where Spanish is spoken.
  • Mathematics

    The Middle School Math Program provides grade level and accelerated classes. The grade level class provides a strong foundation for high school Algebra. The accelerated class is designed to allow students to complete Geometry by the end of their eighth grade year.
  • Merit Scholarships

    Clairbourn seeks outstanding middle school students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their elementary years and outstanding citizenship and service to their community. To that end, Clairbourn is offering a limited number of merit scholarships to new students that meet the required criteria. Learn more about applying for a Merit Scholarship.
  • Music, Art, Technology, and Drama

    Clairbourn believes that an excellent education includes a broad range of experiences in the arts, technology, leadership and service. In addition to core classes, middle school students have opportunities for further and deeper exploration of these topics in specialist classes. Specialist classes include advisory, art, music, innovation-lab, library, drama, service learning, interviewing, band and Student Council.
  • Physical Education

    Clairbourn’s Middle School Physical Education Program includes fitness, team sports, individual sport skills, and a focus on sportsmanship. Students participate in after school games with local independent schools.
  • Science

    Clairbourn’s Middle School Science Program consists of Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Hands-on lab activities provide students with examples of concepts they are studying, promoting curiosity, exploration, and further experimentation. Students also participate in an Engineering Week with Design Challenge each year. Clairbourn’s science curriculum aligns with National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) standards, and provides students with a strong foundation in science concepts and skills.
  • Social Studies

    Clairbourn’s Middle School Social Studies Curriculum begins with ancient civilizations, explores medieval times, travels with the explorers, and traces the foundation of America. Students also study current events and examine the impact of these events on the world in which they live.  Students conduct research, make presentations, participate in debates, and learn to apply lessons of the past to their own experience.

STEM Studies

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  • Science Studies

    Clairbourn’s Middle School Science Program consists of Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. Hands-on labs and activities provide students with concrete examples of concepts they are studying and promote curiosity, exploration, and further experimentation. Students are also taught the important data collection and analysis skills needed to be prepared for high school.
  • Technology

    Clairbourn believes that an excellent private school education must include a broad range of experiences in technology and design thinking. In addition to exposure in their core classes, our middle school students also have opportunities for further and deeper exploration in their Innovation-Lab specialist  classes. Design thinking and a wide array of computer applications are taught and practiced. In addition to learning word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, students also learn 3D design, computer simulations, digital photography, coding, robotics, stop motion animation, and digital art design. The technology  specialist also works closely with the librarian, art teacher, Spanish teacher, and classroom teachers supporting instructional objectives in those classrooms.
  • Engineering

    Students participate in "Drop Everything and Build" challenges. They also participate in the school’s annual Engineering Week which provides an opportunity for students to design and build a device that solves a predetermined engineering problem. Students in grade 6 through grade 8 compete in pairs to produce the most effective solution to the challenge. Competition finals take place on the last day of Engineering Week and a guest engineer is invited to speak and to work with the students to improve their design concepts.
  • Mathematics

    Clairbourn’s Middle School Math Program consists of both a regular and an accelerated track. The regular track allows students to complete high school algebra by the end of 8th grade. The accelerated track is designed to allow students to complete Geometry by the end of 8th grade. All students have opportunities to experience how mathematical concepts apply to the real world and to become strong mathematical thinkers.
  • Small class sizes

  • A highly-qualified, experienced teaching staff

  • A one-to-one iPad program

  • Optional travel opportunities to Costa Rica and Australia

  • Specialist teachers in art, music, technology, P.E., and drama

  • Opportunities to build strong communication and presentation skills

  • A balance of hands-on learning, written reflection, and oral reporting
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