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Stem Studies Overview

Clairbourn’s science curriculum aligns with the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), and provides students with a strong foundation in scientific concepts and skills. Scientific knowledge and understanding of scientific principles, mathematics, engineering, and technology, as well as the ability to communicate and demonstrate these skills and knowledge sets are integral parts of the school’s STEM program. (Read about our latest Engineering Design Challenge held in January of 2019).

Science & Math

The ultimate goal of Clairbourn’s science program is to actively engage our students in scientific inquiry and empower them to participate confidently and successfully in an increasingly scientific and technological world. Two dedicated science labs and a variety of natural outdoor spaces on the campus provide an environment that nurtures students’ interest in scientific observation and experimentation.
In addition to daily instruction in mathematics, there are many opportunities for students to use math in other subject areas. This helps our students understand the relevance and real-life applications of math outside the classroom.

Our program is designed to enable all students to master comprehensive mathematical content, appreciate the inherent beauty of mathematics, and become confident mathematical thinkers.

Empowering Middle School Math Students with ROET

Math Teacher Rebecca Messler is engaging students with the "Rich Open-Ended Tasks" concept gleaned from the California Mathematics Council South Conference which she attended in mid-November of 2019. Read about the benefits in this article.

Elementary School

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  • Science Studies

    Clairbourn’s elementary grade students learn about science from books, educational videos and from participating in hands-on activities that encourage them to experience for themselves the processes, joy, and fascination of science. They study planets, the rainforest, cell structure, and much, much more!
  • Technology

    Students in the elementary grades use computers, for whole or small-group instruction, and interactive SMART Boards are important instructional tools in every classroom. In addition, Clairbourn has a dedicated Innovation Lab with new computers, touch-screen monitors, 3D printers, programmable robots, and a full-time technology specialist teacher. In the weekly technology classes, students receive computer/technology instruction designed to enhance their use of technology in their daily lives. The ethical and safe use of online technologies is an important element of the curriculum.
  • Engineering

    The school’s annual Engineering Week provides an opportunity for students to design and build a device that solves a pre-determined engineering problem. Students in Grades 1, 2, and 3 engage in the challenge as a whole class rather than competitively, while students in Grades 4 & 5 compete in pairs to produce the most effective solution to the challenge. The competition finals takes place on the last day of Engineering Week and a guest engineer is invited to speak and to work with the students to improve their design concepts.  There are also surprise "Drop Everything and Build" challenges that include participation by the lower school grades.
  • Mathematics

    In Grades K through Grade 5, the Everyday Mathematics curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project forms the foundation of Clairbourn’s mathematics program. There is a systematic progression of skills, a strong focus on real-life problem solving, and many opportunities for hands-on learning in every grade.

    When additional practice or enrichment is needed, teachers may use a variety of other resources to meet the needs of individual students or the class. At each stage of learning there is an emphasis on critical thinking, development of a deep understanding of the concepts being taught, and on the acquisition of solid computational skills.

The 2019 Design Challenge

We believe the engineers of tomorrow need opportunities to discover their talents.

Middle School

List of 4 items.

  • Science Studies

    Clairbourn’s Middle School Science Program consists of Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Hands-on labs and activities provide students with concrete examples of concepts they are studying and promote curiosity, exploration, and further experimentation. Students are also taught the important data collection and analysis skills needed to be prepared for high school.
  • Technology

    Clairbourn believes that an excellent private school education must include a broad range of experiences in technology. In addition to exposure in their core classes, our middle school students also have opportunities for further and deeper exploration in their two quarterly elective classes. In these electives, a wide array of computer applications are taught and practiced. In addition to learning word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, students also learn 3D design, computer simulations, digital photography, coding, robotics, stop motion animation, and digital art design. The computer specialist also works closely with the librarian, art teacher, Spanish teacher, and classroom teachers supporting instructional objectives in those classrooms.
  • Engineering

    Students participate in "Drop Everything and Build" challenges. They also participate in the school’s annual Engineering Week which provides an opportunity for students to design and build a device that solves a pre-determined engineering problem. Students in Grades 6 through Grade 8 compete in pairs to produce the most effective solution to the challenge. Competition finals take place on the last day of Engineering Week and a guest engineer is invited to speak and to work with the students to improve their design concepts.
  • Mathematics

    Clairbourn’s Middle School Math Program consists of both a regular and an accelerated track. The regular track allows students to complete high school algebra by the end of 8th grade. The accelerated track is designed to allow students to complete Geometry by the end of 8th grade. All students have opportunities to experience how mathematical concepts apply to the real world and to become strong mathematical thinkers.

Middle School Students Sweep First Place in Math!

Clairbourn 6th-graders and 7th/8th-graders each won 1st Place at the 2019 Bosco Tech Math Competition.

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