The Clairbourn Graduate

Nancy Ward
Clairbourn is “Creating Scholars and Leaders with Heart.” Anyone who is familiar with the school knows that our graduates stand out for these three elements.  They are academically prepared to take on the rigors at top area high schools, they are equipped with leadership skills, and they have kind hearts that are service-minded. That’s why our graduates are in demand!
   The 2018 Scott Studenmund Award for Leadership, Commitment, and Service winner, Winston Lee and his mother Jessica Lee.
Our students are encouraged, each day of their school experience, to develop all three sides of themselves into a powerful whole. The scholarship, leadership, and heart elements are individually important, but have even more effectiveness as a unit, working together in combination to bring out the excellence of each aspect.

For example, if you look at the End-of-the-School-Year Awards that Clairbourn presents to students, they all are designed to honor and recognize students who embody these three elements. The variety of awards reflects the unique way our student expresses their scholarship, their leadership, and their compassion.

We have the Wallden Scholarship that recognizes students who make their way in life with their heart-skills and who put in the hard work needed to become successful academically and thus set a good example for other students in the same situation (leadership). 

We also have the Scott Studenmund Award for Leadership, Commitment, and Service which recognizes students who are strong in their leadership skills and who use their heart and scholarship abilities to reach their goals.  And above all, we have the Outstanding Graduate award which recognizes the student who achieves full expression of scholarship, leadership, and heart during their time here at the school.

It is important to note that the real reward of a Clairbourn education is not a trophy, but the life-long acquisition of scholarship, leadership, and heart, which matter most for success.  We are grateful to the teachers, staff, administrators, and members of the school community who work together to instill these elements in our Clairbourn students and who also work hard to model these qualities themselves.

Class of 2018 straight-A students and winners of President’s Awards include Chase Walker, Cameron Coolidge, Jeffrey Reiling, Henry Barker, Collin McIlvery, Elise Desjarlais, and Caroline Kwan.
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