Christopher Orndorff

The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Clairbourn is a special place.  I think one of the reasons that past parents should continue to contribute to the school is because you want Clairbourn to always be considered a place of excellence.  The continued success of the school only makes your child’s education there more valuable.  Clairbourn does not have a large endowment.  It really counts on the support of parents and friends.  

The Right Fit for our Children
My first introduction to Clairbourn occurred in 1997 when my daughter, Mary, started in pre-K.  We toured all of the local private schools.  We knew Clairbourn was the right fit for our children. 
Clairbourn Provided an Excellent Foundation
Both David and Mary blossomed with the nurturing, positive environment that is a core part of the Clairbourn experience.  Clairbourn was an excellent foundation that contributed to their success later in life.
Helping Others
Thank you.  We are on Earth to help each other.  Everyone who can should give some of their resources; money, time, etc., to help others.  
Keeping Clairbourn’s Legacy Strong
Children pay more attention to what parents do than what they say.  When you make that contribution to the school, make sure your children see you doing it.  The Annual Fund is really important to the continued success of the school.  Tuition would have to be much higher if there were no Annual Fund, and that would exclude some students with great futures, which would be a negative for the school.  Your children should know that you are supporting them and this great school that they attend by donating what you can to the Annual Fund.
As a current parent at Clairbourn, you are benefitting from the legacy of success built by prior parents, teachers, and administrators.  They produced great graduates, which is how the reputation of a school is built.  When your children are adults, you will really appreciate what a special place Clairbourn actually is.  Please use your resources of time, money, and other support of your children to make the Clairbourn legacy even stronger! 
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