Tiffany Xu and David Li

Importance of the Annual Fund
I wanted to donate to the Annual Fund because it allows Clairbourn School to manage the use of funds in the ways they need. Private schools have this need because they do not have large endowments or funding from the state. Tuition dollars simply do not cover the entire costs of a quality education. The Annual Fund makes sure that my son and all children receive a Clairbourn education without raising tuition prices. I know that the money goes towards the students. For example, the school may use the fund for building/classroom renovations or more field trips for students. 

Proximity and Convenience of the Preschool
I have been representing clients for over 15 years as a licensed insurance agent as well as an owner of my insurance agency. Working in the insurance and financial industry has allowed me to work for each of my client as individual to meet their needs. In my spare time I love to play with my son Mark and spend time with him as much as I can.  The location of my office is about 5 minutes’ drive to Clairbourn School’s campus, I often drive by and see the beautiful and large signage of the school. When my son Mark was ready to enter preschool, I thought that I could give it a try!   
Clairbourn’s Strong Academic Reputation
Clairbourn School has a strong and professional academic reputation. The teachers and all other staffs care about the students as they are their own kids. The teachers provide fun and interesting learning environment. Students feel like home when they enter to the campus.  
Supporting the School
As a parent, the most important thing for my child is education. I want to support the school by donating funds so that Clairbourn School can have opportunities to provide excellent programs and support their excellent teachers. Ultimately, the funds help each and every child.  
Making a Difference Together
There’s a financial need for this school. I know that the school will use the gift/donation to benefit students’ academic learning. We can make a meaningful connection with each parent/donor and show that together, we can make a difference.
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