Jane and Jerry Marks

The Marks Family Professional Development Fund
Jerry and I know that the success of the students depends on having excellent and caring teachers. We are so grateful to all the wonderful teachers at Clairbourn and all they have given to our children. We established the Marks Family Professional Development Fund as a way to say “thank you” to Clairbourn for everything the school has done for our family and to help support the future professional development of the teachers and to ensure the success of future students at Clairbourn. 

Clairbourn Felt Like Home
When Jerry and I were touring preschools in the Pasadena area 23 year ago, we knew we wanted a nurturing, loving, and inclusive environment with talented and caring teachers. We wanted our children to be in a classroom filled with fun, creative, and educational activities. We found all of that, and more, at Clairbourn, and we immediately knew this was where we wanted to be. Clairbourn truly felt like home to us from the very first moment we stepped on campus. 
Well-Rounded and Character-Based Education
It was always important to us that our children receive a well-rounded and character-based education, with emphasis, not only on educating the mind, but also on developing social and physical skills, along with an appropriate moral compass. Our kids benefited significantly from their years at Clairbourn due to a strong emphasis on reading, public speaking at Morning Assembly, playing on all of the sports teams, performing in the Shakespeare plays and Christmas programs, and being elected to the Student Council. They gained confidence by exploring new things, and they always appreciated the process. Because of Clairbourn, our kids have a strong educational foundation and are life-long learners. What a wonderful gift to give your children!
Giving to the Annual Fund and Other Funds
Giving to The Annual Fund or any of the other family of funds is important because those donations help to fund so many aspects of the students’ unique experiences, which enrich the Clairbourn education. These funds directly impact the success of our current students, as well as future generations. As parents, we have the unique opportunity to work together and help Clairbourn in its mission: “Creating scholars and leaders with heart.”
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