Chenxu Li & Liqi Zhang

Donating to the Audio-Visual Equipment for the MPB
The audio visual equipment is used on a daily basis as the students listen to the morning announcements in the Gym. Furthermore, the school hosts great events such as the Shakespeare Play and Christmas Concert each year in the Gym. Visual equipment like a LED screen will help improve the performances and the audience experience. The impact we would like to see is that more children smile and feel proud that they belong to the Clairbourn community.

Connections to Clairbourn School
Our family came to Clairbourn in 2017. Our two children are in Kindergarten. We visited several local private schools, like most parents did, before selecting a school. As parents, we think our children deserve the best education. After comparing the different schools, we decided on Clairbourn because we like the beautiful campus and well-appointed facilities. Also, my Aunt’s two daughters graduated from Clairbourn, and they thrive both academically and socially. We want the same for our children, so we decided to come to Clairbourn.  
Warm and Kind Community
First, we love the warm and kind community. Almost every parent knows each other, even if their kids are from different grades. Everyone in our community is nice and welcoming. Second, the teachers in our school are excellent; they support our kids and encourage them to try, so the students feel comfortable exploring different ideas to broaden their minds. Last but not least, kids in Clairbourn have a chance to speak in public that gives them the opportunity to raise their confidence. Clairbourn is really a wonderful school!
Clairbourn’s Well-Rounded Education and Excellent Teachers
As a member of the Clairbourn community, our family is grateful for the school’s well rounded education and friendly teachers. We want to support this amazing community by helping in any way we can. Donations are one way we can help make the community better.
Donating to Improve our School
If everyone gives a helping hand to donate and contribute to our school, I believe our campus will be more beautiful, our kids will have more learning resources, and our kids will benefit from what we do. Even a small donation can go a long way when many people contribute. Also, parents are always the role model for the kids, and I hope our kids grow up with grateful and generous hearts. 
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