Donor Leadership Appreciation Party

Dr. Janny Chang
Our Donor Leadership Appreciation Party took place at the Manor House to honor and thank the donors who gave or pledged significantly to the Annual Fund and our other funds. It was a delightful midday gathering attended by parents, trustees, administrators, Head of School Dr. Patzlaff, and even former headmaster Dr. Nafie. 

At Clairbourn School, we are truly a united family. Our parents come together to not only uplift each other, but also the entire institution. This sense of community was palpable at the gathering, and everyone felt the energy in the room as they enjoyed mingling, sampling the buffet and craft coffee drinks, and participating in the tricks performed by magician Joseph Tran.
Thanks to this year's group of Clairbourn parent volunteers who spearheaded the Annual Fund, the campaign had the momentum it needed to reach its goal, and for that, we are so thankful! We reached 99% participation from our current families, faculty and staff, and Board of Trustees, and we exceeded our target goal.
As Head of School, Dr. Amy Patzlaff remarked, “This would not be possible without our hardworking Annual Fund Co-Chairs Jason and Stephanie Nava and Carole Marshall as well as our parent captains, who are eager to help fundraise so that all the children benefit. It is one of the best ways to create an environment built on camaraderie and a strong culture of philanthropy.”
In many independent schools, tuition covers only 80% of the full educational cost. There is a gap between what tuition covers and the full cost of a Clairbourn education, which must be covered by fundraisers. At Clairbourn School, Annual Fund dollars cover all field trips, assemblies, specialists, teacher assistants, and much more. While the Annual Fund is the cornerstone of the school’s fundraising efforts, we also offer a plethora of funds that provide direct benefit to students and faculty.
Not everyone may find it possible to give at Clairbourn's higher giving levels, but we celebrate gifts of every size and extend our sincere thanks for all the ways that people find to give to the school. Every gift makes a huge difference in supporting students.
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