Mrs. Marks

As the ultimate private school customer (having experienced a total of 19 consecutive school years since 1998 for all three of her children), Jane Marks brings a wealth of knowledge to the table about private school education on both the parent-experience and student-experience sides.

Her oldest son is Jordan Marks, Class of 2008, who attended from Pre-K to 8th grade. Her daughter Taylor Marks, Class of 2011, started in 2001 and stayed for Pre-K to 8th grade. Christian Marks is her youngest son. He started in Junior Pre-K in the Fall of 2008 and is part of the graduating class of 2020.

When looking for schools almost 20 years ago, Jane and her husband Jerry were set on finding a great private school for their Children. Clairbourn stood out from the competition because they found it to have strong academics combined with a nurturing environment. Clairbourn was so welcoming and felt like home. They were also attracted to the public-speaking emphasis and appreciated the universal values shared at morning Chapel.

Even though all three of her children are very different people, Clairbourn turned out to be a right fit for each of them because she could see they were achieving academically, they were successful in other activities, and they loved going to school and loved the process of learning. This success has continued for her two older children through high school and college.

She also appreciates that this love of learning goes hand-in-hand with a powerful spirit of self-motivation to be one's best without an undue sense of pressure or competition. Jane credits Clairbourn with hitting the right balance between study-time and cultivating the other sides of personal development which she considers to be deeply healthy for children.

As a long-time parent, Jane has been involved on campus as a volunteer in almost every available capacity including current secretary of the CFA Executive Board. She has volunteered at Cougar Corner, book fairs, carnivals, spring auctions, room parent activities, special lunches, dances, and more. She considers these school-focused years as very precious, and even though she serves on her neighborhood board and has served on the La Salle High School Mother's Alumni Group, Clairbourn gets the lion's share of her volunteer time.

Jane shared, "There is nowhere else quite like Clairbourn. This school attracts people who appreciate balance, quality of life, and values in addition to top academic performance. We have nice families here and my children have nice friends. It is a great community. I feel lucky to be able to come on campus to volunteer and participate. It is my number one job. My children can see my commitment to the school and they have appreciated school even more as a result."

If you see Jane around campus, be sure to say "Hi" and take a moment to get to know her better. Jane has a B.S. in Business from Cal State Los Angeles, has worked in sales in the Title Insurance Industry, and has a host of personal interests that range from Western horse riding, to gardening, skiing, running. We hope you will enjoy getting to know Jane and will join us in celebrating her appointment to our school board.
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