Mrs. Huang Chang

Forming Habits of Success

In our present era, the academic levels of schools have elevated to a sophisticated level, and undoubtedly, there are much higher pressures for our children to succeed academically. The problem though, is that while schools hone in on academics as a priority for their education program, teachings of ethical and social values are declining.

One strong element that sets Clairbourn apart from other schools is that they position themselves to play a major role in the overall personality and character building of their students. I have observed at Clairbourn that social and emotional learning is emphasized as much as academic learning. I've witnessed my girls learning about values such as fairness, respect, and honesty as part of everyday lessons in and out of the classroom.

School is the venue which has an influential impact on a student’s mind. I believe early childhood experiences play an influential role in the molding of one's personality, and Clairbourn seamlessly marries academic, ethical, and social teachings very efficiently to their students.

In the past, one of our daughters experienced shyness—sometimes to an almost debilitating degree. Clairbourn has helped her to overcome shyness in myriad ways. Speaking in the Morning Assembly, participating in the Spring and Christmas Programs, poem recitals, class presentations, along with fully-supportive and encouraging teachers, are just a few of the means which have facilitated [our daughter] to conquer this weakness.

Most often with shyness, many social opportunities are missed, however Clairbourn offers a miraculous support system which has resulted in my daughter signing up to be a solo singer. This is a HUGE hurdle that I thought would have taken years for us to help her overcome. Starting around second grade, she seemed to recognize herself, her voice, and her strengths, and we are very proud that she is still continuing to build her confidence on many levels at Clairbourn.

I believe Clairbourn offers a wonderful, top-quality, education. To me, schools across the nation are always trying to offer challenging higher education, but I believe it can only be valuable if they can implement it in an engaging and stimulating environment. If you walk across campus and ask students if they like to go to school at Clairbourn, you will receive an abundance of excitement. They look forward to coming to school every day. At least I know my girls will say that.

Clairbourn teachers are all exceptionally qualified. Most importantly they are very loving and have created a unique bond with my daughters. These special bonds create stimulation for my daughters to work especially hard and make sure their classroom performance does not disappoint. To me, that defines how Clairbourn offers a TRUE top-quality, well-rounded education.

I chose Clairbourn because, as an alum, I believe that it has caused me to inherit traits that I attribute to being successful. Success doesn't often happen by accident or luck...there are discussion topics about common traits and attributes shared among successful people which originate in habits built a day at a time. Having determination, being hard working, learning from failures, taking accountability for yourself, being able to communicate well, having integrity, passion, and confidence are the main attributes of successful people that Clairbourn reinforces to their students daily.

I am a strong advocate that these traits, if engrained to become a student's habits, are tremendous advantages, not only for academics, but also in life. Clairbourn offers a very well-rounded enrichment program, strong in academics and also equally strong in fostering wonderful traits that lead to success for life. This to me is the largest gift that I can share with my children in the hopes that they too will inherit the good characteristics that I received while I was a student at Clairbourn.
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