Mrs. Joannes Rodriguez

Director of Development and Alumni

My educational/professional background:

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and started my professional career as a News Producer for KCOY/KKFX in Santa Maria, CA. I worked as a journalist for nearly four years before I decided to pursue further education. I earned my Master of Arts in Humanities. I spent a short time teaching humanities classes for Pasadena City College while I started my professional career in development. I have nearly a decade of experience in development. I enjoy being creative in my work and partnering with families to define why Clairbourn is special to them.

I choose to work at Clairbourn because:
There is no place like Clairbourn. It is such a joyful and positive community to be part of whether you are student, parent, or a member of the faculty/staff. I love Clairbourn's mission and the value placed on being a good individual through the code of ethics. While Clairbourn's academics are strong, its heart is stronger. I also respect and align with Dr. Patzlaff's leadership and feel grateful to be part of her team.

My favorite Clairbourn tradition is:
I love the tradition of students playing and throwing leaves under the ginkgo tree.

What brings me joy is:
Purpose, a sense of belonging, kindness, family, motherhood, a good story, travel, good food (and good dessert) all bring me great joy.
Private School Education for Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School, & Middle School Grades - Serving Families in the Pasadena Area and Surrounding Cities
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