Madison Barreau

Perfect in My Own Way
Everyone in the community has taught me so much! There were a lot of things I needed to learn about myself. One of my big issues was an obsession to be perfect which ended up slowly wearing away at me. I had to learn to give up that idea of perfection and instead aim to be the person that makes others laugh, to be the one to stand up to bullies, to be the one who changes the world, and to be lovely, kind, and the best version of me, because that is perfection.
In my fifth-grade math class, at first I would never answer any questions out loud in fear that I would get the answer wrong in front of the whole class. It took me a while to understand how important it was to make these mistakes and get out of my comfort zone.  I know now that embarrassment and discomfort is all a part of the process of learning. You can’t possibly get everything right. Why stress about being perfect when you can have so much fun instead? Now I can nudge myself a little more to try new things and it has led me to what I love and enjoy doing today.
Thank you Clairbourn for giving me great opportunities and amazing teachers who have helped to prepare me for high school and to pursue my passions. I always felt so safe here and knew that I was in a space where I could express myself freely and without judgment. With all of this, I have also learned to be kind and respectful towards everyone I meet and to treat others the way I would want to be treated. 
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