Matthew Reiling

Appreciation for Code of Ethics
Clairbourn has instilled into our minds the Code of Ethics; Responsibility to manage our time and work and make sure we get done what is asked of us, Spirituality to be more selfless, Citizenship to help our community thrive and prosper, Honesty to avoid more trouble in the long run, and Respect to honor and thank those who do so much for us. The Clairbourn Code of Ethics has really shaped me into a better overall person.
Every year, teachers make up somefun way to teach students good ethics and morals. Buddy games helped us get to know our school community better and Earth Day games taught us the proper place for certain trash items. Small things like that that helped instill proper etiquette and behavior without us realizing it, we were too busy having fun.

Throughout my nine years here at Clairbourn School, there is another very important thing I have taken away from here. It is to learn from your mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes; it’s a part of life. When you inevitably make a mistake, focus on what you can do next time to prevent that same mistake from happening again. 
When I participated in the annual Engineering Design Week, there were many years with a lack of success, I learned to take what did not work so well from the first day and fix it. I have learned not to be defeated by making mistakes, but to keep trying and improving. My eighth grade year, my partner and I focused on improvement, and made it into the finals and eventually won the entire overall competition.
Clairbourn has shaped me into an overall better person and I am very grateful to have spent my years of grade school here. I am also very excited to start the next chapter of my life at Flintridge Preparatory School.
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