Kaylie Sheng

Supported in Trying New Things
Clairbourn had taught me to nudge myself and to take more risks. I learned to try new things like being cast in the Winnie the Pooh play. I was nervous at first about memorizing all my lines, going to rehearsals, and performing the play. But, if I didn’t push myself to try out, I would have never experienced the fun and memorable times. It wasn’t just about acting, performing, or memorizing lines, it helped me bond with my peers.
I also tried running for class representative. I wasn’t certain about running but I just did it anyway. I ended up serving as a representative for two semesters. I really enjoyed it and learned leadership skills. I am so grateful to have taken some risks and tried new things.
I want to thank all my teachers, for helping me find out who I am, for being supportive and helpful, and bringing a smile on my face with kind and positive energies. Thank you for teaching me all about algebra, how to structure an essay, how to draw an electron dot diagram, about art, and for introducing me to the fascinating world of acting. I have also learned the love of friendships, the golden rule, and the Code of Ethics. Lastly, thank you for teaching me about interviewing. I will be attending Flintridge Preparatory School in the fall.
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