Cyanne Jones

"I Can Always Expect the Best"
I am very grateful to have attended Clairbourn and for my classmates who bring me joy and comfort everyday on and off campus. I am thankful for the younger students at Clairbourn who allow me to be a role model in their lives, and I am grateful for my thoughtful and sublime teachers who have developed me since Kindergarten. I am overjoyed that everyone on this campus supports me on my journey.  At Clairbourn, I can always expect the best from teachers, students, and everyone that walks on our campus.
For every sport I play, I know that I can count on Clairbourn’s coaches to help me succeed. I used to hate volleyball season because I was terrible at it. But the coaches had faith in me that I could be an excellent player if I put in enough work to it. So I got to work! I attended summer volleyball camp every year, but most importantly: I trained. In 2018, we won the volleyball championship. Now, I play for a club volleyball team and we are having an outstanding season. 

Clairbourn is my second family, improving me in every way they can and in giving me nothing but love and support. Teachers have taught me to just be myself, that I am unique, that I am a student athlete, that I can accomplish anything, and also to know my worth and know that I can rise to the occasion for any subject or sport. From teachers to students, they have all made me a better person.
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