Austin Hong

Prepared to Excel
Clairbourn has provided me with the academic skills I need to excel in high school and life. It has prepared me to treat everyone I encounter with concern, curiosity, and an open mind, and has cultivated within me a profound desire to discover what it means to be me and to give from that place of self-awareness and truth to others. All of us are growing into greater self-awareness, and our shared community at Clairbourn has gifted me with encouragement and comfort as I seek to discover my truth, and my vision for this life I’ve been blessed with.
My teachers have guided me along the pathway to success and how to connect with others. I have been taught how to act and behave with politeness and thoughtfulness, and the value of respect. I was also filled with a love for words, encouraged to stretch my vocabulary beyond my years and to use words to define myself, my world, and my place in it. I am grateful for all these people who have fostered me and encouraged me with their interest, concern, and passion. 
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