Graduate Chelsea Cheng

Chelsea Cheng

Life Lessons on How to Behave & Act
The wonderful teachers, who I love and appreciate, have taught me math, history, science, English, and French as well as many life lessons on how to behave and act. They taught me that I am expected to think before I post on social media, that I am expected to be a role model for the younger students, and that I have to think about the consequences to my actions before I do something.
They also stressed that I always have to be kind and considerate towards whoever you are talking to, be the bigger person, be mature, and move on. These lessons that my amazing teachers have taught me have helped me avoid conflicts and become more mature, kind, and considerate.
I have attended Clairbourn School for 9 years. Time goes by so fast when I’m surrounded by people who love and support me. Clairbourn has always been a place for me to figure out who I am and be myself. I am looking forward to meeting new people in high school and seeking more great opportunities, but I will never forget Clairbourn.
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