Graduate Liam Henney

Liam Henney

"I Fit in on the Very First Day"
I have only been at this school for two years, but I fit in the Clairbourn community on the very first day. Clairbourn has been the most friendly environment I have been in. The kids, the teachers and, maintenance have always been great to me and a good source of advice for school and life.
Steve Jobs says, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” At Clairbourn I have always loved the many activities and the fun and educational classes for students to take part in. The electives were a great way to discover a passion or discover something unique about yourself. Clairbourn made the homework and classwork educational and an enjoyable learning experience.
I’ve learned the qualities in the Code of Ethics: responsibility, spiritually, citizenship, honesty, and respect (Responsibility by taking care of my homework, Spirituality by going to morning assembly every day and singing the hymns, Citizenship by learning about current events in history class, Honesty by looking at my fellow peers by being true and open, and Respect from my teachers who valued my opinion and didn’t pass judgments on my questions and comments). Clairbourn has succeeded in teaching me these values and how to use them in everyday life.
I am grateful for many things that Clairbourn has given me. They gave me the chance to learn and grow through some of my greatest mishaps. I’ve found a place to build long-lasting relationships with friends and teachers. I am also grateful for the many things I have learned for becoming a better friend, son, student, and person. I am grateful for the great memories I have had with my fellow students and faculty. Clairbourn has left such a big impact on me.
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