Graduate Sebastian Lam

Sebastian Lam

"Confident of Who I Am"
It was ten years ago that I started my Clairbourn education. It was my first day at pre-k at Clairbourn. I was unsure of who I was. I knew my name. I knew I was part Chinese and part Spanish, and I stood just 3’4’’. But otherwise, I knew very little about myself. Now I am leaving Clairbourn, confident of who I am. I am strong, I am a good friend, I am an athlete, and I am a scholar.
Ten years ago, I was learning my 123s and ABCs. Now, I am solving quadratic equations and I am reading Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night. 
I also realized I am a good runner. When I was in 4th grade, coach made us run a lap on the field every day. I would moan and groan, huff and puff, and end up finishing in the back because it felt so long running around the field. But with the help of my coaches and hard work on my part, I ended up being the MVP of the track team this year.

I realized I can excel in math. At the beginning of last summer, my math teacher, told my parents that I would not be able to join the accelerated math class. I did a little work over the summer to refine my math skills. When I took the placement test, I did well and ended up getting into the accelerated class.
My 10 years at Clairbourn have also taught me much deeper things about myself. As Aristotle said, “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” What I am going to take away and most remember about my Clairbourn experience are the values of responsibility, citizenship, spirituality, honesty, and respect. Thanks to these values taught by Clairbourn, I can become the best person I can be. 
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