Kerry Ji

"I Now Feel More Confident"
Being at Clairbourn has improved my teamwork skills through the numerous “drop-everything-and-build” challenges in science class. I learned how to better manage my time so that I can achieve the maximum amount of work in a small period of time. I've been able to work with different partners to complete projects, and it has improved not only my communication skills but it has also boosted my leadership skills. I now feel more confident speaking up and giving my suggestions as well as contributing to the team.
I have been at Clairbourn for a shorter amount of time than anybody in eighth grade (only one year). I still remember when I arguing with my mom about having to change schools. I loved my old school and wanted to stay one last year with all my teachers and friends before we graduated and parted ways. But ultimately, I feel like my mom and I made the right decision. 
I am thankful for all the great new classmates and teachers I have met in this school. Our class is full of scholars, leaders, athletes, and so much more. I’ve also learned a lot from the Code of Ethics: Responsibility, Spirituality, Citizenship, Honesty, and Respect. It has been a great adventure, and looking back at the short year I have been at Clairbourn makes me feel blessed. I want to thank everybody who have made me feel comfortable here and have pushed me to do greater things.
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