Ashley Vu

Ashley Vu

"My Time Here Has Changed Me"
I came to Clairbourn in seventh grade. Truthfully, at first I believed that my experiences at Clairbourn would not be as memorable compared to my experiences at my elementary school, but my perspective of how my new life at Clairbourn would be changed after meeting my new classmates.
Something that really stands out in my experience here at Clairbourn is how the teachers and staff will closely interact with the students both inside and outside of the classroom. Clairbourn’s community creates an environment where classes and grades come together as tight-knit, supportive families.

My experience here at Clairbourn has given me an immense amount of happiness, and I could not have asked for anything more. My time here has changed who I am from a shy girl who could not speak up to anyone to being outgoing and able to speak in front of large crowds. I began understanding lessons, such as time management, taught to me ever since first grade, but definitely put in practice in middle school!

Academic and social growth can be seen throughout my two years, especially in my social skills. After doing science fair and many other projects that involve performing, I’ve gotten used to talking before my class. I was able to experience a math competition at Don Bosco…become more efficient with my time…[and] learn from the past and improve on the present.

Thanks to Student Council and Morning Assembly, I’m less timid and able to confidently speak before large crowds. I have learned a great deal about teamwork and how I should be able to work with any of my classmates. During group projects my classmates help each other, and even though we don’t always agree we have learned to forge ahead, make compromises, and do our part to contribute to the whole project.

In high school, I have many lessons, memories, and experiences that I will use from Clairbourn. I will not be scared when speaking in front of crowds, and I will not be hesitant to make new friends or meet new people. I will strive to do my best academically, because good work will pay off in the end. The grades that I get will depend on me and not anyone else. The most important lesson I will take to my new experience in high school is to never be too afraid to be outgoing and finish what you started.

I want to thank all the parents that helped provide new and exciting activities, and especially my own parents for sending me to this school. You always want the best for me. I want to thank the teachers for preparing me to enter high school. I have had an amazing experience here, and I do not know how to say thank you enough for these wonderful memories. So, I will end with this quote by an unknown author, “I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.”
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