Sherry Fan

Motivated Academically
To all the younger students, please live in the moment, and not wait for the weekend. Enjoy the time you have here before it passes you by. I am grateful for all the experiences at Clairbourn that have shaped me into the person that you see before you right now. I have grown up, not just physically, but also mentally at Clairbourn.
I used to be extremely shy. Instead of playing with my classmates, I would be digging for worms in the corner of the sandbox. I was still shy in first and second grade, but my shell was beginning to crack and break apart and I made more friends. I finally shed my shell by third grade. I started talking more. My friends have taken me out of my shy little shell, and formed me into the out-going person that I am today. My teachers have not only taught me academics, but skills that I will continue to use in my life after Clairbourn. Those skills are to be diligent with homework, to try new things, such as making a piece of art out of jellybeans, and to conquer even the most impossible fears, such as ziplining.

Fourth grade was a struggle. Both my grandpa and dog died that year, which made school seem like an unimportant thing to focus on. When I started forgetting why homework was necessary to do, and stopped turning it in, my grades drastically dropped. I didn’t know what to do, but with the help of my parents and my fourth grade teacher, I finished my missing homework. Although I regret losing track of school, what happened shaped me into the student I am today. It has permanently left a mark on me to understand the consequences of not doing my work. I never want that to happen again, and so it keeps me motivated to continue to stay strong in my academics.

Clairbourn is like one big book. Each of the grades was a chapter in the huge book. Even though this book is ending, there is a sequel. That sequel will have new characters, or new classmates of mine at my high school. A “thank you” is not a strong enough word to describe how grateful I am to Clairbourn.
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