Megan Jen

"Most Outstanding Years of my Life"
I have attended Clairbourn for ten years. These ten years have been some of the best and most outstanding years of my life. On the first day of pre-kindergarten, I remember anxiously walking in the classroom, not knowing a single person. By the end of the first day, I had already made lots friends and loved it at Clairbourn.
I have had many magnificent teachers. I came to Clairbourn without even knowing how to read or write, and now, I'm leaving with so much knowledge. I am so thankful to all my teachers for helping me improve not only in academics, but as a person too. I will take away all the lessons and values that were taught at Clairbourn, especially, the ones from the Code of Ethics onto the next chapter of my life. Honesty, responsibility, respect, citizenship, and spirituality are qualities that will stick with me forever. The morals that I have learned at Clairbourn will stay with me throughout high school, college, and the rest of my life.

Some advice for the younger students is to not procrastinate and to stay on top of your work. Always do your homework, no matter how lazy you feel. Also, make sure to always try your best on all your assignments. Your teachers will know when you slack off, and will even point it out. Make sure to make the most out of your time at Clairbourn, because in no time, you’ll be graduating too.
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