Justin Walker

Justin Walker

"I Will Never Forget My Time Here"
I have been at Clairbourn for 11 years. I have enjoyed my time here at Clairbourn, and I have made many friends who I will remember my entire life. In many ways, life is defined by the people who you surround yourself with. I learned the importance of community, which was represented by the great teachers I had at this school.
One of my fondest memories from Clairbourn was in preschool. I remember older students also playing basketball with us, which I loved. By playing with us, they taught me the lesson that you should always include others, as it can mean a lot to them. I have learned many additional lessons at Clairbourn, which will serve me well the rest of my life. The first lesson, just like in [the book] All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, is to play fair. For instance, in the 1st grade we learned how to play fair in passball, including following rules such as not flag guarding. I try to apply this in everything I do, not just sports, and I will continue to do that the rest of my life. Also in 1st grade, we learned sign language so we could give a presentation of the national anthem at the Sunrise Senior Home. From this I learned we should always do what we can to help others.

Working together is another lesson that I have learned at Clairbourn. Throughout my time at Clairbourn, we have been assigned group projects, which have helped me learn to work with a team. Sports only strengthened this, promoting teamwork and communication. More recently, in middle school, group projects have become more important, and count for a grade, so everyone is motivated to work hard. I am sure this lesson will help throughout my life.

In the future, I will use all of these lessons that Clairbourn has taught me. I will always play fair in everything I do, never cheating. I will take pride in my accomplishments, and strive to be the best. I will include others, and try and make them feel welcome. I will try and help others, and be the best I can be. I will try and work well with others, and work together as a group. And I will not cut corners, and will always do my best. I will do these things because they were taught to me at Clairbourn, and they will last a lifetime.

As for some advice for upcoming students, I would say that you shouldn’t be daunted by homework or upcoming tests. If you study in advance, and persevere through the homework, everything will go fine. Most importantly, never give up, and apply yourself to every test. As long as you do your best, everything will go fine. Also, participate in after school sports, they’re fun, and a great way to bond with your classmates.

As Jimmy Dean said, “I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Just because something doesn’t go your way, doesn’t mean you have to give up. Persevere, and continue onward, never give up. I will never forget my time here at Clairbourn, and will always remember what I have learned.
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