Elise Desjarlais

Elise Desjarlais

"The Right School"
I have been at Clairbourn for 10 years. Clairbourn always felt like the right school for me. I came soon after my brother and could not be any happier. I have grown a lot during my years at Clairbourn. However, I have mainly grown academically.
When I was a little kid I wanted nothing to do with learning. I just wanted to stay outside all day and play with bugs, but with the help of my teachers at Clairbourn I started enjoying going to school.

One of the ways I grew was in writing. In kindergarten I began to appreciate writing, as more than just putting words on paper, when we were encouraged to write and illustrate our own books with Mrs. Shoemake. As a little 5-year-old there was no greater accomplishment for me than getting a gold star on one of the books I wrote. In middle school my writing also improved a lot as a result of writing many essays with Mrs. Taylor. She helped me make sense of what I wrote and taught me how to construct a good topic sentence.

One of the other ways I grew was in math. I really got into math in second grade with the math worksheets. In 4th grade I tried my first math competition and loved it, compelling me to try more in middle school. Mrs. Berge helped me learn more complicated areas of math in middle school and got me excited to learn more in high school.

As for sports, I’m now a regular club volleyball player. It turns out it was Mrs. DeVasto who was the person who first got me introduced to volleyball, and as soon as I went to the summer camp in 4th grade, I was addicted. I began to love volleyball so much I joined a club volleyball team and improved a lot just in time to defeat Mrs. DeVasto and the faculty in the A team’s game against them.

I’ve come to think a lot about what we learn at Clairbourn. Obviously we learn how to read and spell and how to multiply. But my whole experience at Clairbourn has taught me so much more than that. Clairbourn teaches you how to be a good person. You learn how to be independent. You learn how to be kind and care for people. Most of all, you learn how to be yourself.

I would like to thank my parents for choosing the best school and encouraging me to always be the best version of myself. I would like to thank all my teachers for educating me in the best way possible. Thank you for doing a great job preparing me for high school. Most of all I would like to thank Clairbourn for giving be the best 10 years at school anyone could ask for. No matter what was going on, Clairbourn was always there for me, my home away from home.
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