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Mrs. Messler

Middle School Math Teacher
Mrs. Rebecca Messler is our Middle School Math teacher instructing grades 6-8. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience and was a Teach for America corps member from 2010 to 2012. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology (with a minor in Business) from the University of Southern California, a Master of Education degree from Loyola Marymount University, a Clear Single Subject Mathematics Credential (6-12), and a Clear Multiple Subjects Credential (K-8). 
Mrs. Messler wants parents to know that, "Parents and students can expect a classroom that is run by love and a passion for the subject of mathematics. I have experience in teaching all grades from K-8, with the majority of experience in middle school math (my favorite!). I also taught high school Algebra and Geometry and was a Learning Specialist for high school math students.

Because of this background, I believe I possess a unique understanding of where my middle school students are coming from academically, as well as where they are headed. I use this knowledge to drive my instruction. 

I recognize that every child is unique and needs something different from me in order to reach their full potential. I differentiate instruction (both high and low) to meet the diverse learning needs and styles in the classroom and to meet every child at their level. This also applies to their socio-emotional development. I do my best to support every student in exactly the way that they need me.

I strive to engage my students by making math relevant to their lives. I use math to give context to their world and I teach them to see the world through the lens of math. I enjoy designing multidisciplinary real-world projects that encourage critical thinking and problem solving, and enjoy incorporating STEM, social issues, inquiry, design thinking, technology, and more.

I guide students to set goals, reflect on their progress, strengthen their study habits and social-emotional skills, and to develop a sense of responsibility for and a personal investment in their learning. I also prioritize developing 21st-century learning skills by emphasizing mathematical reasoning and critical thinking and by encouraging my students to question, explain their thinking, and problem solve (while balancing this with the repeated practice of important skills to gain mastery and fluency).  I teach them about malleable intelligence and developing a growth mindset, and I aim to build confidence and a love of math within each of them. 

I hold ALL of my students to an attainable high standard and carry a strong conviction that every student can achieve. I expect my students to take risks, to embrace their mistakes as opportunities to deepen their learning, and to readily ask me questions when they don’t know something. I expect them to work hard and always act with honesty and respect. 
I believe that teaching should be a partnership where teachers, parents, and the administration work together, communicate freely, and support each child. I also believe that the classroom should develop each student’s creativity, individuality, and desire to learn through the leadership of the teacher as a mentor. 
I am a lifelong learner, and I am always open to new ideas to make my teaching the best it can be for my students. I love reading books, attending conferences, and participating in blogs or online communities to stay current with the latest learning advances in the field of education. I am also a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, where I enjoy staying up to date with research and collaborating with other teachers. I want to be the kind of inspired and effective teacher I remember and value from my time as a student. If my students can feel how much I love them and believe in them, and if they develop a strong math background and a love for learning because of me, I have done my job!
From the minute I stepped onto Clairbourn's campus, I had a sense of belonging and knew that this is where I am meant to teach. I agree with Clairbourn's educational ideals, the focus on academic excellence, and the balanced education of the child as a whole. The strong sense of community between students, parents, teachers, and administration is apparent, and I look forward to a long career here as part of the community!"
Mrs. Messler recently married her childhood sweetheart and enjoys spending time with him and her beagle, Bailey. Her favorite place to be in the entire world is a summer camp on Catalina Island that she and her husband attended as children. Not only do they return there every year, but they are now the summer camp directors! She is also an avid fitness enthusiast, participating in a 5am exercise class most mornings before work, and a runner of half-marathons.

Empowering Middle School Math Students at Clairbourn

Clairbourn School's Middle School Math Teacher, Rebecca Messler, returned from winter break excited to share with her fellow teachers powerful ideas gleaned from the California Mathematics Council South Conference which she attended in mid-November of 2019. This conference, offering hundreds of sessions and packed with several thousand math teachers, proved to be a power-house of great information!
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