New Tricycles Gifted to Preschool by Eighth-Grader Andrea M.

Nancy Ward
Andrea M. (in Grade 8) has generously donated new tricycles and a tricycle garage to Clairbourn’s Preschool and Kindergarten. The old tricycles were a little rusty and mostly unusable after many years of weather exposure.
Andrea has been at Clairbourn for ten years, and she wanted to find a way to give back and show her gratitude for her time at Clairbourn. She had some money set aside that she earned from modeling in an Apple commercial when she was younger. She decided to donate the money to Clairbourn and asked that it benefit preschool students because she loved her time in the preschool.
Through her generous donation, Clairbourn was able to purchase all new tricycles and helmets and construct a sturdy, new tricycle garage. This new garage will protect the tricycles from weather and keep them in good condition.
When the tricycles and garage were in place, Andrea visited the preschool on her study hall break and helped students learn to ride the new tricycles on the pathways of the preschool play yard.
Watch a video summarizing her gift here:

A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on November 19, 2018, and the preschool students and teachers all gathered round to celebrate her generous gift which will benefit students for years to come. Dr. Amy Patzlaff, Head of School, also presented Andrea with a plaque at the Thanksgiving Assembly held on Grandparents Visiting Day, and Andrea responded with a speech of her own.

See the video here:

Clairbourn thanks Andrea M. for her thoughtfulness and generosity.

Clairbourn preschool student, teachers, and school administrators gather around Andrea M. to thank her for her generous gift and to present her with a plaque.
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