Original Thanksgiving Song Created by Middle School Students

Nancy Ward
At Clairbourn's annual Thanksgiving Assembly, each grade has an opportunity to perform poems or songs that reflect the spirit of the holiday.  Last year, middle school students, under the direction of teacher Cara Barker, used their performance opportunity to give their audience a show-stopping choral number that became the talk of the campus for the beauty of the music and the sentiments it expressed.

The success of this performance made it possible for two students, Isabel C. and Kennedy K. (both now in 8th grade), to be encouraged to collaborate with teacher Cara Barker, during an electronic music elective held later that year, in composing and performing an original song for the 2018 Thanksgiving Assembly (with the music arranged by Cara Barker). The song is called "Give Thanks" and the piece has been copyrighted, published, and distributed through J.W. Pepper

The entire middle school student body participated in performing this original song at the Thanksgiving Assembly on Grandparents Visiting Day, and they were accompanied by musicians from the student body, faculty, and an alum who lent their talents to help bring the song to life .  Please enjoy this video of their moving musical performance:

Thanks go to composers, including teacher Cara Barker and eighth-graders Isabel C. and Kennedy K., conductor Rosemary Kiertzner, and the musicians including teacher Mary Drazic on cello, teacher Ann Mize on violin, eighth-grader Andrea M. on cello, seventh-graders Jaleen Tseng and William Ho on violin, and alum Nicole Lam from the Class of 2017 on piano, along with students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade in the chorus.
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