Clairbourn is launching a new logo!

Jeanette Zamora
A new mission statement, “Creating Scholars and Leaders with Heart,” was established in 2018. Since then, updating the logo has been on our agenda. The Clairbourn team made it a summer goal to complete this branding project, and we are so excited to reveal the new look and the idea behind it!
We started with a question, “Who is Clairbourn and what do we stand for?” We are dedicated to creating scholars and leaders with heart. We believe in the ability of every child and we support not only their academic success, but we are also committed to nurturing well-rounded students. We looked into our code of ethics and asked how we could connect those qualities with our branding. With the usage of a strong visual color palette along with the input from our faculty and staff, we began the rebranding journey.

The shape of the shield represents Clairbourn’s long history, and the vine symbolizes our continuous growth.

First update: The Mission Statement. “Scholars, Leaders, Heart” is adapted into the shield. It is powerful, simple, and communicates the essence of our statement.
Second update: The Growing Vine. What if the growing vine includes five hearts and each heart represents a quality from our code of ethics? We went through different variations and successfully incorporated five hearts into the vine. Can you find all five of them?
Third update: Books and Pen. To give a sense of scholarship in our mission, we decided to use two books to represent knowledge. The two books allow us to convey the idea of our students consuming knowledge from multiple sources. The pen next to the books represents our students creating as well as consuming knowledge.  We are committed to our mission of creating scholars, and leaders with heart.
Last update: Logo Type. We made a few modifications to clean up the curves for easier readability.
We hope you like this new crest as much as we do!

Together, we are Clairbourn!
Private School Education for Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School, & Middle School Grades - Serving Families in the Pasadena Area and Surrounding Cities
Clairbourn is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. (K-12 Private Schools)