Zaria Echemendia

Try Until You Succeed
Clairbourn has taught me to grow on an intellectual level and as a person. I learned that failure is a part of life, a learning experience, and really just a slower way to get to success. There have been challenges during my years at Clairbourn, all of which were actually a blessing. To me, you learn from those moments and gain knowledge. When I was five years old, I started playing soccer, and if I had given up when I made my first mistake, I would have been done with soccer on my first day. I am at an elite level now because I learned from all the mistakes I’ve made. 
I’ve also always had a little trouble with math and I’ve always had to work a little harder to keep up. But, I never let a bad grade get me down. I practiced some more, and with trial and error I got as close to perfect as possible. I became pretty good at it. I still have to work a little harder than most, but I've learned I can still succeed.

Even in 7th grade, when I tried to be on Student Council, I had to learn from unsuccessful first tries. I decided to run for secretary. I prepared my speech and hung my posters but sadly lost. Then I ran for class representative and lost that. I was sad and disappointed, but I didn't give up. I ran for secretary again, with more faith in myself, and I won. I could have given up after I lost the first time, but I didn’t. After every time I didn’t succeed, I learned something new.

Clairbourn is an amazing school. They’ve taught me academics, public speaking, how to treat others, and what kind of people I want to have in my life. No matter what year you come, you’re guaranteed to make friends. Last year I expanded my friend group to include some very interesting and really fun people in my class. Clairbourn is such a positive and welcoming community and has taught me so much on how to grow as a person and succeed. 
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