Kyle Chang

Life Lessons from Sports
This year’s basketball season taught me about community—that the words “I” and “Me” are a lot smaller than the words “Us” and “We.” There was one basketball practice that really annoyed me and it seemed like everyone thought the season was a joke. At the end of practice, I got really angry. We resolved the issue and moved forward, but I learned I needed to communicate with my teammates. I learned that I could not control how others acted, but only how I acted. The season taught me to work as a team, and not just focus on myself.
When we lost the last game of the year, you would have seen me crying, not because we lost, but because it was the last game I would play with my friends. I will leave Clairbourn with more than an education. I will leave with lifelong relationships and life lessons about having a sense of community. I’ve learned that being perfect is being yourself. As Wolfgang Riebe once said: “No one is perfect that's why pencils have erasers.”
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