Graduate Alex Silveri

Alex Silveri

Significantly Increased Confidence
I began my Clairbourn academic career in pre-K. My first day, everyone we met was so understanding and helpful. Clairbourn has been my second home, and the continued encouragement of my teachers and friends has significantly increased my confidence, especially in my academic subjects. Each teacher makes learning fun and easy to understand. I have learned to work hard and keep walking the road.
The Clairbourn Code of Ethics has instilled in me the strength and wisdom needed to succeed in college and my career. It has taught me to have respect for others, be responsible, be honest, be spiritual, have good citizenship, and always do my best. When I leave Clairbourn, I will move through life knowing that I have had the best education possible. Thank you Clairbourn for the education and inspiration you have provided. I will always be grateful to you.
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