Ms. Germonprez

Art Teacher

My educational/professional background:

I have my Bachelors Degree from Florida State University where I pursued the arts and spent a year at Vanderbilt University where I studied clinical psychology. My teaching career began in 2015 when I worked as an instructor at a fashion school in Hollywood, CA. Since then I have taught at both private and public schools in California and Florida, and even added rock climbing instructor to my resume!

I choose to teach at Clairbourn because:
The community at Clairbourn is unlike anything I have seen before. Teachers, staff, students, and parents are all grateful to be here and I attribute that to the core values of the school. 

My favorite Clairbourn tradition is:
Morning assembly is one of my favorite parts of Clairbourn. Each day we begin our time together listening to a message that will guide our day in a positive way and get to do so in community! 

What brings me joy is:
When a student shows off their artwork to a friend in class I get a lot of joy. Whether it is their pride in the outcome or that they want to share a little bit of who they are through their piece, it's really beautiful to witness.
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