Physical Education In Lower & Middle School
Life-long fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership skills are important aspects of Clairbourn’s private school physical education (P.E.) program, taught by two full-time physical education specialists.

Kindergarten students meet with the P.E. specialist teachers once weekly in addition to daily physical activities provided by the classroom teachers.  First through fifth grade classes meet four times a week and sixth through eighth grade classes work daily with the P.E. specialists.

The physical education program emphasizes skill-building for team and individual sports while incorporating activities that promote coordination, fitness, and physical development.  

Swimming instruction in our on-site pool is provided for all ages during warm weather.
After-School Sports
Our after-school sports program is open to any student in grades six through eight who wants to participate. Swimming, tennis, and golf, are also open to fifth-graders who have significant outside experience in those sports. For all team sports, students receive coaching and practice daily in preparation for games.

Our Sports League
As a member of the Middle School Independent League, Clairbourn’s sports teams participate in interscholastic league play with other Pasadena-area independent schools in the following team sports:

GIRLS: volleyball, basketball, soccer, track, and softball

BOYS: flag football, soccer, basketball, track, volleyball, and baseball

COED: swimming, golf, and tennis

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