OVERVIEW - Academic & Enrichment Programs

A Rigorous Academic Program
Clairbourn has a comprehensive private school academic program comprised of three sequential, interlocking segments: Preschool, Lower School, K-5, and Middle School, 6-8.

Our curriculum is designed to be rigorous, intellectually challenging, and relevant to each student’s academic and personal growth.  The program provides an educational experience that prepares our graduates with the content knowledge and skills, intellectual habits of mind, and values-based ethical framework that open the doors for acceptance to excellent independent high schools.

Full-Spectrum Enrichment Programs
Technology on Clairbourn's campus is on the leading edge and is ever evolving to provide the latest proven tools for enhancing and expanding the student's classroom and learning experience.

Acquiring languages other than English and having a basic understanding of other cultures are important skills in today’s world, and Clairbourn’s language program lays the foundation for our students in these critical areas.

Clairbourn’s Library is the heart of Clairbourn’s educational resources and its literacy programs, with over 15,000 volumes and extensive pre-filtered, age-appropriate on-line resources.  

Service Learning activities, that start as young as preschool, develop the capacity for community service and good citizenship.

Clairbourn's Athletics Program develops the agility, coordination, and sportsmanship of its students through physical education classes and after-school sports activities.

Our Arts Program enables students to showcase their work in art shows, concerts, school-wide musical performances, and drama productions.

After School Options
Clairbourn's Before-School Daycare and After-School Daycare programs enables working parents to have child care for students from preschool through eighth grade.  These programs provide opportunities for students to be enrolled in supervised activities that can begin the day as early as 7 a.m. and extend it until 6 p.m. After-School Classes and After-School Daycare are offered at an additional cost.

Summer Advantage Program
The Summer Advantage Program, for preschoolers and Kindergarteners, is another enrichment program designed for encouraging school readiness.  Older students can participate in the Summer Equation program run on our campus by a group of Clairbourn teachers.

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