We measure our success in five ways:
  1. The large number of students in our student body achieving high GPAs and making the Honor Roll and Headmaster's List each quarter

  2. The consistent achievement of top-quartile median test scores among independent schools nationwide

  3. The strong record of our graduate acceptance into top area high schools with an average of 2 acceptances per student

  4. Regular positive feedback from the area high schools on the performance of our graduates (see below)

  5. Survey comments from our graduates and parents
    (see side navigation "Graduate Comments" & "Past Parent Comments")


Recent Survey Comments From Top Local High Schools

What qualities make qualified Clairbourn applicants attractive to your school? 
  • "Academics, service involvement, and extracurriculars. Additionally, students from Clairbourn are strong test takers."

  • "Students graduating from Clairbourn have a strong sense of school community and a desire to do well. They are confident in the skills that they have acquired and are willing to become involved in the life of the school. Most importantly, students from Clairbourn have strong self-images, knowing who they are and what they can contribute to the school community they choose for high school."

  • "​They are nice kids that are well -prepared​, and your parents get the importance for a strong partnership with school officials."

  • "We look for well rounded students with a good balance of being prepared academically and socially."

  • "Students we have seen from Clairbourn have a true sense of community and are genuinely nice/good kids."

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