Clairbourn's Library Program

The library, with over 15,000 volumes and extensive pre-filtered, age-appropriate on-line resources, is the heart of Clairbourn’s educational resources and its literacy programs.  The school's intranet also includes a Library Class area which provides safe and useful links and information which can be accessed at school and at home. 

There is an array of library-sponsored programs that encourage and support literacy, including a book fair each year and our “California Young Reader Medal Club” for fourth through eighth grades, which introduce students to the best in children’s literature.

Each year the library and the Clairbourn Families Association (CFA) sponsor several assembly presentations by local and nationally known authors and illustrators. 

Clairbourn’s two librarians are an important resource for students, whether for suggestions on books for recreational reading or for help in locating information for reports and research.  Parents are encouraged to make use of the library as well, especially to check out books to read aloud to their children.
Lower school students, in kindergarten through fifth grade, have a weekly class visit to the library where students listen to a story or chapter being read aloud, discuss books, learn about authors, and check out recreational or curriculum-specific books.  Many library activities support classroom instruction. 

For Middle School students, the library is an ever-available resource for school and personal use, before or after school, during classes, or during study hall. Additional library time is arranged between middle school teachers and the librarian to work on special projects. Students also experience monthly book talks during English class by the librarian to stimulate independent reading.

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