High Level of Diversity

The Clairbourn private school community reflects a high level of cultural, ethnic, religious, and economic diversity. Over 50% of our families self-report as belonging to one of the National Association of Independent Schools “Diversity” categories, and the school provides tuition assistance to a significant number of families. Valuing individual differences, building civic responsibility, and developing a global perspective are important elements of a Clairbourn education.
Experienced Teachers
Clairbourn has an outstanding, experienced teaching staff who are professionally prepared, set high standards for students and their work, and provide a nurturing, supportive learning environment. Many hold a master's degree in addition to their teaching credential. In the preschool grades through Kindergarten, all teachers have a full-time degreed assistant. The student to teacher ratio school-wide is 9:1.
Clairbourn Faculty Profile
Faculty Members – 21
Average number of years teaching – 16 years
Average length of teaching career at Clairbourn – 13 years
More than 33% have advanced degrees
90% female, 10% male

Stand-Out Students
Students at Clairbourn are known for their academic skill, preparedness, and organization. They are also noted for their kindness and inclusiveness of others. They are service-minded and comfortable with public speaking, and move into leadership roles with ease. In all grades, students are taught how to develop foundational study habits, active listening skills, critical thinking, and self-discipline to ensure success. Approximately 97% of our graduates are accepted to private or independent high schools each year. The average GPA for eighth-graders is 3.7.  
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Involved Parents
The parents who are attracted to Clairbourn often share the following values. They want a great educational experience that will ensure their child's future success in high school and beyond. They appreciate a well-rounded experience that develops the whole child. They are looking to raise their child in a supportive environment where values are emphasized. And finally, they are looking for a safe and supportive community, where they can get involved, that will welcome and nurture their children. 
Past Parent Survey Comments - Class Years of 1999 to 2015:
  • "Clairbourn was an excellent foundation for my daughter as she entered high school. She was extremely prepared in all academic areas, and had a wonderful, balanced, nurturing and truly enjoyable experience at Clairbourn. She was accepted into all of the high schools she applied, including Polytechnic and Flintridge Preparatory, and entered many honors classes as a Freshman. Clairbourn was also a great experience for me as a parent, providing our family with a real sense of community."
  • "Safe, clean environment. Strong sense of community."

  • "Clairbourn provided an incredibly nurturing environment where my children could thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. Both of my kids graduated from Clairbourn extremely well prepared for high school and more importantly well prepared for life. They, and all the kids that attend Clairbourn, leave with beautiful hearts and a genuine belief that they can achieve their dreams. We love Clairbourn and will always be grateful for the years we spent there."

  • "Clairbourn has a very good teacher to student ratios. They also teach kids to be caring and compassionate with others."

  • "Clairbourn offered a wonderful family experience, not just an academic one for our three children. It was very inclusive, and our children thrived with a well-rounded curriculum." 

  • "Clairbourn's excellent curriculum and nurturing atmosphere did an amazing job preparing my son for high school. He greatly benefited from the small class size as well as the drama and sports programs. He is taking honors geometry this year and next year has been accepted into AP History, Honors English and Honors Chemistry. This would not have been possible without the fabulous education he received at Clairbourn."

  • "We loved the support from the parents and staff! Also the activities after school and events were a great experience for the students as well as the parents! We always looked forward to volunteering and helping out at the school!"

  • "The great environment helps a child grow and empowers their self worth. The class sizes were great and it helped the teachers to know and support the students."

  • "The teachers are very nurturing and supportive. The students are all very well-mannered and they look out for each other." 

  • "Clairbourn is a very unique school. It offers an outstanding education, fosters great public speaking skills, and good athletic competition, in a warm, encouraging, creative and beautiful environment. Every morning in Chapel it also emphasizes integrity, morality, honesty, kindness, hard work, love of country, and the importance of Christian values, which are sorely needed in today's society. Clairbourn kids are smart, athletic, polite, respectful and socially adept. My girls thrived at Clairbourn. It prepared them to do well in life! It's a wonderful place."

  • "The school still has a strong focus on development of the whole child and their program is proven reliable."

  • "It is a nurturing, caring, supportive, challenging school willing to take the time and effort to help each child succeed. Teachers are excellent!"

  • "My children have had wonderful years at Clairbourn receiving the highest quality education in a family environment that prizes commitment to ethics and service while fostering individual achievement."

  • "The environment is a good balance between supportive and independent. Like the daily discussion of values in chapel."

  • "I love the atmosphere."

  • "Clairbourn provided a wonderful foundation for our child's education, development and moral character. The combination of strong academics and a nurturing, loving environment are incomparable. We love Clairbourn!"

  • "All of our children that attended Clairbourn enjoyed their time there and also consider it some of the best times of their lives!"

  • "Clairbourn provided a safe and nurturing base for my child to love school and love learning and pursue many interests both at Clairbourn and also outside of school."

  • "The philosophical outlook of the teachers towards their students is positive and proactive. It's a special community, one that my child still cherishes."

  • "Clairbourn gave both of my children a strong foundation and enabled them to grow and learn in a supportive atmosphere."

  • "Although our children have moved on, as parents we still miss the school!"

  • "My children have come away from Clairbourn with irreplaceable friendships, a desire to do well, and the tools to do well in high school and beyond. We are eternally grateful for the education they have received at Clairbourn and for the encouragement they received to become their very best selves."

  • "Clairbourn was truly a comfortable place for our child to learn. Just enough academics for our taste and LOTS of emphasis on the Golden Rule and being kind. As we had five children attend there - the experience of each one was different. But they ALL agree that is was some of the BEST years of their lives! "

  • Too many good memories...felt like one big family with parents and teachers alike. 

  • Clairbourn provided a very nurturing environment for my girls - a school that I would definitely recommend for my friends.
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Appreciative Alumni
Students cherish their time at Clairbourn and often return to attend Chapel, volunteer for activities, visit with their former teachers, or attend events and reunions. 
Alumni Survey Comments - Class Years of 1999 to 2015:
  • "Clairbourn provided a great home-like and supportive place for me to go. It also prepared me well as far as time management with a large load of homework and projects."
  •  "A warm and loving community [that] nurtures students, knows them by name, and provides ample opportunity for self-discovery and development both inside and outside of the classroom."

  • "Great environment, and it is academically challenging. Also the children and teachers are very respectful."

  • "Clairbourn is more like a community than a school. This is where I made some of my closest friends and met some of my favorite teachers."

  • "Clairbourn is a special place. It embodies my childhood, countless relationships, and provided me an excellent education."

  • "Clairbourn was and still feels like a second family to me."

  • "Clairbourn really prepares you well for high school in terms of group activities and public speeches since there are chapels every morning. It was a great pleasure to spend two years of my life at Clairbourn with my amazing classmates."

  • "Clairbourn is very warm and welcoming. I feel that Clairbourn is good at guiding students and helping them figure out the ways they best like learning."

  • "It is a great school with a good environment and very good teachers. It was an excellent experience that prepared me well."
  • "I love the sense of community about Clairbourn. I also think the teachers are very attentive to their students. They go [to] great lengths to be great teachers."

  • "I like morning chapel before classes where the student body is able to come together as a "family" to listen to Dr. Nafie."

  • "The welcoming and supportive environment ensures that students will succeed and be prepared for high school and throughout the rest of their lives."

  • "I think that Clairbourn is a wonderful social environment that promotes ethical decisions."

  • "It's a very small community that lets students feel welcome."

  • "Clairbourn helped me to find areas of interest and allowed me to participate in all extracurricular activities so that I could find which sports/arts I liked."

  • "Deep sense of community and a huge support base that encourages you to follow your own path."

  • "Clairbourn offers so many extra curricular activities and encourages students to be the best that they can be. Everyone is so friendly and loving on campus. Clairbourn is such a great environment...."

  • "Clairbourn is a nurturing environment and a happy place to be as a child."

  • "The community spirit is welcoming and provides a comfortable working environment."
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