Morning Assembly with Chapel

A Great Start to Each School Day

Students in the Preschool and Kindergarten classes start their day with a Morning Assembly in their room.  This meeting is positive way for everyone to come together to express respect for our country, for God, for oneself, and for each other. Students learn the pledge to the flag, some patriotic songs, the Lord’s Prayer, and sing a hymn daily. In addition, the teachers discuss a variety of topics with the students throughout the year that revolve around simple universal and positive qualities from the Clairbourn Code of Ethics such as honesty, respect, and responsibility.   
First through eighth grade students and staff, along with parents who wish to attend, enjoy a daily Morning Assembly in the Multi-Purpose Building. This gathering, which proceeds academic work, is where students and school community members come together as a family.  
After a musical prelude, the head of school welcomes everyone with short comments that apply to the upcoming week or school day. Then, to acknowledge the freedoms enjoyed in this country, the assembly is invited to participate in the flag salute where students say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing a patriotic song.  
Sports teams and event announcements are also shared. This is followed by a three-to-five minute Chapel message and a hymn designed to give students a moment to pause, reflect, and start their day in a spirit of gratitude and calm focus.
Starting in first grade and extending through eighth, the students present, in small groups, a pre-written Chapel message at the lectern in front of the entire school.  This provides a wonderful opportunity for them to become comfortable with public speaking at a very young age.  
The Chapel meetings originated from the school’s Christian Science religious heritage, and today, it is comprised of a short message designed for a wide audience of listeners and may include simple Bible stories or topics that cover universal values of forgiveness, gratitude, courage, honesty, and additional qualities that make for a strong and peaceful inner-spirit.  

For students who have differing or non-religious family traditions, they are encouraged to value the Chapel portion of the Morning Assembly as a time for their own quiet reflection and gratitude for the good in their lives. Parents are always welcome to attend the Morning Assembly, and many do so because they love the way it starts their day.
Clairbourn does not have any religious instruction in its academic program.

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