Clairbourn provides Before-School and After-School Daycare as well as a variety of After-School Classes.
These programs provide opportunities for students to be enrolled in supervised activities that can begin the day as early as 7:30 a.m. and extend it until 6 p.m.

Before-School Daycare (All grades)
Clairbourn’s Junior Pre-K to Kindergarten Early Childhood Daycare Program and the 1st–8th Grade Daycare Program provide early morning supervised care beginning at 7:30 a.m.   There is no charge for Before-School Daycare.

After-School Daycare (All grades)
Daycare programs are a combination of supervised free play, games & puzzles, and reading. For students in grades 1-8 there is also individual and group study time. Snacks and drinks are provided daily. There is no after-school care on noon-dismissal days.
 2018-2019 After-School Daycare Program
 Fees Per Student - Yearly Rates*
 1 hour of care, per school day, for the school year  $1,250
 2 hours of care, per school day, for the school year  $2,400
 3 hours of care, per school day, for the school year  $3,550
 *Program fees will be reduced for those students that are also enrolled in one or more After-School Enrichment Classes. Contact sthomas@clairbourn.org for fee reduction info.

After-School Classes
After-School Classes typically include offerings in the areas of science, world languages, fitness, the arts, academic support, and more.  They are usually offered in seven or eight week blocks, and some classes rotate by quarter.  In addition, middle school students have the opportunity to participate in our after school sports and drama programs. (Information regarding sports and drama is provided directly to students after the start of school.)

Students enrolled in one or more After-School Classes also enjoy reduced After-School Daycare Program fees. Contact sthomas@clairbourn.org in the Business Office for daycare fee reduction information.

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