The arts are a vital component of a Clairbourn education.  It’s been said that the human spirit is central to the arts, and Clairbourn, like many private schools, feels that the ability of art, music, and drama to nurture the spirit and touch the humanity of every student should never be minimized or overlooked as we plan our child’s education.  Life is enriched as a child’s awareness of and response to beauty in all of its forms increases.

The visual arts, music, and drama all have aesthetic, perceptual, creative, and intellectual dimensions that enhance the development of divergent thinking—an understanding that there may be many ways of looking at something and many ways of solving a problem.   Divergent thinking is an important 21st century skill and it’s a kind of thinking we nurture here at Clairbourn.

The value of presentation and the importance of detail are valuable lessons learned in the arts, which require students to care for the details and how those details work together.  As students work to refine their pieces of sculpture or drawing, or their presentation of spoken lines or singing parts, they learn to be self-critical and self-correcting, to handle frustration, and to persevere until they achieve their goal.  Elements of Clairbourn’s Arts program include:




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