A Positive Foundation For Learning
Clairbourn’s Preschool Program is designed to encourage children’s natural love of learning in an environment where they feel comfortable, confident, secure, and intellectually engaged.

Education in the preschool years involves preparing a foundation for children’s learning and sets the stage for a positive approach to education which is a vital ingredient of school readiness. Children in our preschool program are ready to enter kindergarten with a positive self-concept, the spirit of inquiry, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Characteristics Of The Program
  • Developmentally appropriate and intentional teaching practices that include the introduction of pre-academic skills and background knowledge 

  • Teacher-directed and child-initiated activities that promote a positive approach to learning

  • A focus on the whole child, including language, cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and spiritual development

  • Classrooms filled with a wide variety of learning materials, from books and blocks to state-of-the-art technology used to enhance the learning experience

  • A focus on the acquisition and application of universal values as guided by the Clairbourn Code of Ethics which includes honesty, respect, responsibility, citizenship, and spirituality.

  • A enjoyable, nurturing, safe, and beautiful environment

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