Parent Comments on 2019-2020 Remote Learning

We asked parents to share how well Clairbourn responded to the COVID-19 crisis
which required a rapid shift over to online learning.


“My husband and I appreciate that the school has made a considerable—and successful—effort to retain the children's connection to the school.  For example, our daughter cheerfully participates and sings along during Mrs. Shoemake's Morning Greeting Video.  It's uplifting for her to see her classroom and to have the morning routine that she did at school.  Head of School Dr. Patzlaff cheerfully greeted students every morning as they arrived on campus, and she continues to greet them with her Morning Message videos (which remind the children [and adults] to have "heart" and gratitude in everything that they do).  Every morning our daughter says, "Let's watch Dr. Patzlaff's video!" Academically, we have been most impressed with the focus on writing (phonics, how to compose a story, sentence structure, and punctuation) and the school's ability to obtain access to several academic websites containing a myriad of math, coding, reading, typing, and science lessons. Our daughter said that she likes Mrs. Shoemake's phonics videos the best because "they help me with my letters [sounds]."  She also enjoys the weekly Zoom meeting with her teachers and classmates.” - Heather Jones

“Our family has been extremely pleased with Clairbourn’s response to the need for virtual learning. The structure and choice of online platforms has been thoughtful. There is a tremendous amount of live, daily videos from the teachers and customized school materials that we pick up in a packet from campus, so that our child is getting as much “in-person” teaching and interaction with the teachers as possible. Almost all of the school work can be done on our schedule, allowing for flexibility with our adult work-from-home schedules. We'd rather be back in school, but we have nothing but praise for the school’s wise choices in platforms.” - Anne and Mark Ewing

“We had a wonderful experience transitioning to remote learning. I’m amazed at how quickly our teachers shifted to the new normal.  We stayed connected, and I felt as though they were in our living room holding our hand every step of the way.  My daughter continued to grow in all subjects and she enjoyed the interactive and engaging ways of learning.  I have always appreciated our teachers, but this unique opportunity to attend Kindergarten with my daughter and to slip into the shoes of our teachers has helped me appreciate them even more.  We will always remember this moment in time and I’ll be forever grateful to Clairbourn.” – Claudia Jubilado  

First Grade

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    “When we first transitioned to remote learning, like everyone, we were a bit concerned and perplexed as to how well it would go. However, we quickly adjusted and found our own routine. Ms. Dezutter made it very easy with a daily schedule of assignments that needed to be completed and turned in. 

    Overall, we had a great experience with remote learning. It’s definitely not the same as being at school in the classroom. It was nice that we had the flexibility to work with our schedule and within our means.” – Melissa Nijjar 
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    "As a former first grade teacher and current administrator, I've been blown away by Ms. Dezutter's careful planning and ability to create such a thoughtful virtual curriculum for my child. 

    Ms. Dezutter has provided the children with a well-rounded daily curriculum.  Her lessons have sparked curiosity in my child. Despite the challenges, I couldn't have asked for a better curated virtual learning experience."  
    – Lin-Shan Chin
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    “In the beginning it was such a struggle to juggle homeschooling as well as working from home, but we have finally adjusted to it.  My daughter actually enjoys remote learning, and we all enjoy Ms. Dezutter’s morning videos explaining the daily schedule, what is due at the end of the day, and upcoming projects.

    Everything is straight-forward, accessible, and easy to work with. Uploading the school work through Seesaw is something my daughter can do herself. Overall, remote learning has made our daughter into a more independent learner. 
    - Cherry Dam

Second Grade

“We are so impressed by Clairbourn's remote learning program.  Not only has our son been able to continue learning at the same level as before the pandemic, the remote program also keeps him engaged and in daily contact with his classmates and teacher.  This has given him a sense of continuity at a time when much of his world seems turned upside down.  2nd grade even has a daily virtual recess, storytime and check-ins with teacher Mrs. Roberts, which has been amazing.  It is a real testament to the commitment of the staff that they adapted to the new reality so quickly and the midst of a worldwide pandemic, they didn't skip a single beat."  – Christine Adams

"I am really impressed with the teacher's hard work on remote learning. In the beginning weeks, it was challenging for the parents to get familiar with different learning apps, but after 3-4 weeks, my kids learned how to do all the assignments and check in by themselves. Our school also did lots of things to help families keep in touch during the crisis, such as online community coffees, parent meetings for each grade, Star Wars day, and Spirit Week. We feel the warmth of our community." – Chenxu Li

Third Grade

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     “This quarantine made us realize how much our children are capable of and how amazing our school faculty members are. We are constantly amazed. My daughter's third grade teacher worked above and beyond to modify the special third grade units so students could individually work from home to continue the learning.

    My nine-year-old not only learned how to type on her own, but she knew how to reach to her classroom teacher as well as specialists. She asked questions whenever she needed to and teachers were always one email away from answering promptly. 
    Clairbourn also continued ALL the specialty classes such as art, music, computer, PE. They cared for not only for our physical wellness but also for our mindful wellness. ”
    – The Zamora Family
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    “My sons have been enjoying remote learning. There are some challenges, but they say their projects are pretty fun. There is a lot of one-on-one student-teacher time so the students can ask questions. 

    I think Clairbourn has done an excellent job of moving the students to remote learning and making it feel almost like regular school in this unprecedented time. After all, no one would have anticipated the need for such a huge change in the middle of the academic calendar.”
    – Lucy Balikian

    "Our son had to learn to stay on schedule and to finish his work, while we worked. Although he had questions, on average he found the way to get answers by himself. My husband and I were able to oversee that everything was turned and completed online. Preferably if the classes continue online, we would like more virtual interaction.
    – Miriam Cruz
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    "Remote learning was a challenge at the beginning. It is a different study model, but both parents and our children enjoy it now. We are excited to see him make improvement for each subject. This is the first time I could concentrate on my kid's studies and assignments. 

    A big thanks goes to our teachers. We are impressed with the teachers' creative thinking and imagination for each subject.They sent parents the detailed instruction and content on daily basis. 

    On the other side, kids missed their classmates and teachers very much during this time. My kids said they would like to return school as soon as possible because they can make more friends and miss the campus activities.” 
    – Wendy Yu 

Fourth Grade

“I would say, because of the remote learning shift, our son's computer literacy improved significantly.  Another positive about the switch was a boost in time management skills. I taught my son to check his email three times a day to catch updates from his teachers, and how to work on his assignments daily rather than waiting for the due date. With two busy working parents on video calls, for a significant portion of the day, it was important that he learned how to safely navigate between the various online platforms (Zoom, Google Docs, CougarNet, Seesaw, etc.) with ease and without assistance. Once I taught him the basics like making bookmarks, he was on his way without so much hands on assistance.” – Amber Pollard

“In my opinion, Clairbourn remote learning has done a good job given the current circumstances. We needed to help our son figure out the different platforms, networks, check his planner for assignments, and check in with his teacher in the beginning and so on. Now he's capable of completing his homework and checking his emails and planner. But still, without being physically in class, it's different. I think being at school in person would be a better fit for younger kids.” – Roxanne Cheung

Fifth Grade

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    “Clairbourn students are resilient and transitioned seamlessly. When the outside world was getting us down, our wonderful head of school inspired us daily with her optimistic and uplifting morning messages.

    Our specialist teachers found unique ways to keep our students physically active, spark joy in art projects, learn a foreign language, keep us musically involved and enhance technology skills. Yes, it’s been rigorous and challenging but I would not expect anything less from Clairbourn. The growth mindset in action!”
    – Dana Lee Wong
  • Par 8

    “I believe it has been a learning experience for the kids.  They have to be a little more independent and keep track of what is due and when its due.” 
    – Rani Manwani
    “Although she likes remote learning, our daughter prefers classroom learning.” 
    – Michael Ye
    “The online system set up by Clairbourn allowed students to continue learning and socialize with each other. Mrs. Gier and the Clairbourn staff did an excellent job in transitioning our fifth-graders to virtual learning making it easy for both parents and students.”
    – The Buser Family
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    “We have been doing remote learning since right after Spring Break. Even though it is very unfortunate to not have on-campus school, this new way of learning does bring students up to speed with school work and most activities.

    All the teachers and staff are very dedicated with teaching, assignments, Q&A, and office-hour support. The students are happy to “see” each other online and participate in class discussions in an effective way. Thank you Clairbourn, for putting everything together in such a short period of time but a professional way!”
    – Tiffany Zhang

Sixth Grade

“As a parent, I just couldn’t see how it was possible for education to be done online and for the students to learn from home. All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind about the negative consequences ranging from Wi-Fi issues to the distractions to students not being able to ask their teachers questions. Fast forward to the end of May. I think Clairbourn has done a phenomenal job of transitioning to remote learning. I can say that 6th grade has been a good experience for us. Teachers are able to keep the students focused and on task. Students have similar schedules and assignments as they would be in the classroom."  – Ly Kouch

"Remote learning at Clairbourn has been safe and effective for our children. The block schedule of classes and daily office hours with teachers truly encouraged our sons to blossom. We are thankful for the attentive staff and technical support led by Mr. Barker. We feel that our experience has been an overwhelming success." 
– Tarsha Proctor Standridge

"In my opinion, Clairbourn remote learning has done a good job given the current circumstances. Clairbourn prepared our daughter to be independent. She managed everything by herself, from planning to seeking help from classmates and teachers alike. There was lots of flexibility in time management. For us I think the most beneficial part was starting classes at 9 am so that middle school kids could sleep in. It made a huge difference for us. We are so grateful Clairbourn has nourished our daughter to be an independent, responsible, respectful and a capable middle-schooler.” – Roxanne Cheung

Seventh Grade

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    “Being faced with these unprecedented times has been overwhelming for all. When the local governments began shutting everything down, we worried about our children. We worried about their education, well-being, and their mental health. However, Clairbourn had a plan. 

    The teachers and administrators continued business as usual and my kids continued to thrive. They developed a realistic plan that did not overwhelm them and they continued with the core curriculum and the personal oversight they had while on campus. 

    They mimicked a regular day by incorporating a daily message from the headmaster that gave the kids hope and inspiration. Our kids, who are both in middle school, adapted with ease and the teachers were available to answer their questions and ensure they continued to progress.”
    – The Barreau Family
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    “What my husband and I have experienced about Clairbourn’s remote learning shift is easy access and a user-friendly situation. Any school information is at our fingertips. Learning is almost the same for our two middle-school children, but they would like to have in-person interactions with their teachers and classmates on campus more than doing at-home learning.”
    – Jenny Kao

    "While nothing can replace the physical presence of the student in the classroom, we found that Clairbourn responded quickly and successfully to create the next best thing.  Our daughter was able to learn a lot, engage with her teacher and classmates, and was held accountable for her performance.  The online experience that Clairbourn managed to create was a resounding success! 
    – The Bryant Family
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    “The remote learning transition was very smooth. I would say that my son did not lose any “school time.” After one week, my son knew exactly what, when, and how to do his schoolwork independently. Classes were held, homework given, tests administered effectively. 

    This remote learning has turned him into an online wizard, handling lots of online research. He has developed independence and motivation, and if this is a shift for the future, our school has definitely prepared him for working at home - a successful shift from a crisis to an opportunity. 
    Parents were kept well-informed by the weekly eCourier, parent Zoom meetings and group chats. Our student council stayed active and communicated health and activity ideas for students. We feel very close to our school, and this really makes Clairbourn stand out in our community, and in our hearts.” 
    – Monica Lim

Eighth Grade

“Clairbourn was prudent on making a seamless transition to remote learning when the stay-home order was first put in place. The school has been keeping the students and parents informed as we navigated through this unchartered territory. As this is our 10th year at school, we are confident that Clairbourn can continue to deliver its excellent academic experience regardless of the medium.” – Jack Sheng

“At first, the remote learning seemed hard. But once it started, it was an easy adaptation for our son. Even though it didn't feel the same as going to on-campus school, he was still able to be in contact with his friends.
Dr. Patzlaff and the school teachers have done an amazing job adapting to online learning so quickly. For us as parents, the happiness of the smile on his face everyday at Clairbourn is everything! We are so blessed. It still feels like school--but just from home. Thank you to everyone that makes Clairbourn a unique school.
– Sandra Fuentes

“We were happy to see the thoughtfulness with which the staff approached online education – revising the schedule, answering questions, repeatedly checking on how it was going in the early days, adapting lessons, etc. We think our daughter adjusted well to the situation, though it would not have been her preference to attend school this way. In some ways, I think she liked it because she had even more control over her schedule and was able to complete work quickly. We were very happy to see real instruction happening remotely. Thank you so much for tackling this challenge with aplomb!” – The Plummer Family

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