Clairbourn is currently running a combined on-campus and remote learning program for certain grades. COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist |  COVID-19 Prevention Program

Remote Learning Done Right

We've taken extensive steps to do remote learning right! Over the summer, Clairbourn expanded its investment in the latest technology and equipment, including a new fiber network, to support its Remote Learning Program and to provide a top-notch online learning experience for students. Our teachers are tech-savvy and they are supported by one of the finest teams available, Knowing Technologies, who solely work with schools and their teachers to ensure they are empowered to deliver meaningful lessons using appropriate and compelling software and technology tools. These people are always on call for our staff!
Additionally, our students will each receive a remote learning device preloaded with configured software and will receive technology training at the start of school to ensure a seamless experience whether they are doing school online or switching to an on-campus experience. 

Impressed with Clairbourn

"In my job, I see students from almost every Pasadena-area school, both public and independent. In the first half of 2020, we were all grappling with how to make school work -- and my Clairbourn students were exemplary.  From what I observed, none of those kids broke stride. This says everything about the Clairbourn teachers and admin.  I watched as other schools faltered, and even abdicated.  So impressed with Clairbourn." - LinkedIn comment by Christina Trager (former Clairbourn parent)
The following FAQs are designed to help current and prospective parents get a reassuring and clear picture about what to expect from Clairbourn's Remote Learning Program this fall:

Remote Learning FAQs

List of 6 items.

  • What is the quality of Clairbourn's Remote Learning Program?

    The signs of a high-quality Remote Learning experience include these elements:

    1. Tech-savvy teachers. We have them, we're proud of them, and we're enhancing their training for Remote Learning. Additionally, they are supported by education technology experts Knowing Technologies.

    2. The right software, systems, and technology. Our new fiber network, installed over the summer, will ensure fast Internet speeds and strong connectivity. Our CougarNet, Google Classrooms, SeeSaw and other learning management software tools are now streamlined and battle-tested to create a consistent and simplified delivery of educational content for students.

    3. Age-appropriate levels of screen-time. It is not age-appropriate to be in front of a screen all day long, and quality Remote Learning Programs will offer a balance of online and offline activities. Depending on your child's grade level, the average amount of screen time in Clairbourn's Remote Learning Program may range from 3-5 hours per day which will provide quality instruction as well as balanced off-screen activities.

      (We recognize that parents of younger students are severely challenged by the home supervision required on their part, but this is a world-wide challenge generating an intense search for solutions which have not yet become clear.)

    4. Live sessions with the teacher/s every day and live specialist sessions weekly.  Our parent surveys indicated that more live teacher time and live specialist sessions were a must, and these will be offered to the highest degree allowable based on grade-level appropriateness.

    5. The right student equipment with technology training. We've purchased individual Remote Learning devices and have pre-loaded them with learning apps to distribute to our students to ensure the success of their learning experience. All students will receive training on the systems at the start of the school year.

    6. Well-rounded offerings with character education. Clairbourn is offering music, arts, computer, and PE in addition to its academic classes, and character education is infused into all of it. We are continuing to develop the whole child, and Remote Learning doesn't stop that. We are just delivering those experiences in a new way.

    7. Office hours for most teachers. Students and parents will have questions during the Remote Learning Experience, and our Remote Learning Program will include office hours for most teachers to help ensure that you and your student can get the answers and help needed in a timely manner.

    8. Easy access to school administration. Clairbourn is known for having easy access to administrators without red-tape battles. If you have a need, let us know! We will be keeping the communication lines open so you can get answers, report challenges, or make suggestions. Emails can be sent to

    9. Readiness to resume on-campus instruction and the ability to do so safely. Clairbourn's campus is kept in a constant state of readiness to allow us to return to campus at a moment's notice with all the safety protocols in place. Regardless of format, in-person or online, the quality of education will be the highest possible under current circumstances.

    10. Parent interaction and support. Remote learning is highly impactful on parents! Clairbourn recognizes this, and will continue its efforts to take care of the whole family unit with helpful ideas and online interaction opportunities to help maintain a sense of community and meaningful support.
  • Why should I consider remote learning at Clairbourn vs. public school?

    Not all Remote Learning Programs are equal. The schools who are succeeding with their Remote Learning Programs are the schools with strong and stable funding.

    California public school funds, while temporarily spared from cuts, are facing 11 billion dollars in deferred payments this school year. They will need to fundraise from parents (minimizing tuition savings), borrow, or dip into savings to get by, and in 2021, they are facing severe budget cuts.

    Public schools also have larger class sizes, which makes it more difficult for students to socially distance when on-campus instruction is once again allowed. 

    Families who are looking to switch from private to a public school option may be adding additional hardships and new challenges to their child's schooling experience. A school change can disrupt peer-to-peer social networks, create the need to build from scratch a network of teachers and specialists who know how to work with your children, and parents have to make new connections with other families at a time when socializing is discouraged.  In other words, your community support network will undergo great changes at a time when stabilizing your child's circumstances is key for their educational progress and well being.

    Being a preschool to Grade 8 school means Clairbourn is a source of stability and continuity. We have made the investment in improving our spacious campus with safe and technologically advanced systems to ensure our students succeed and will have a seamless transition between remote and on-campus learning.  

    Class sizes are kept small at Clairbourn. Students get individualized attention with differentiated learning. Every effort has been made to ensure a quality experience, as allowable by circumstances and according to grade-level appropriateness.  Our Clairbourn Families Association is ready to implement creative ways for families to interact online to maintain and expand parent community connections. 

    These elements combined leave parents and students free to focus on the job of learning instead of constantly checking the pulse of a state school budget, or starting over with a new community thinking the grass is greener, only to have a whole new set of challenges to navigate.
  • Why is Clairbourn a better option than homeschooing, tutors, or pods?

    Reinventing school is hard! Starting a homeschool program or pod means you are essentially attempting to create your own private school which must have a private school affidavit filed with the state of California.

    Homeschooled students are either parent-taught and supervised or a tutor is involved, classes must be taught in English, and all the instruction taught in the public schools must be covered. Tutors must carry a California Teaching Credential for their classes to qualify with the state as a viable home-schooling option.  

    Not every parent may want to take on the responsibility of becoming a teacher for their own children or those of others. California teaching-credentialed tutors are expensive and they are in extreme demand right now, to the point where tutors are being freshly recruited on job sites in record numbers. Although new-to-the-field tutors may be qualified to teach on paper, they are most likely very light on proven teaching experience.  

    For parents forming homeschool pods, there are ongoing challenges with scheduling meeting locations and who will teach what subjects and when they will teach. For parents hoping that homeschooling can alleviate time and supervision challenges in their household,  homeschooling can be a source of new challenges that run deep. A quick Google search on the phrase "What are the Challenges of Homeschooling?" returns 5,150,000 results. It's a big subject!

    Clairbourn recognizes that our parents have busy lives and they need school to happen for their child as seamlessly as possible, with every attempt made to minimize the burden on parents.  It's a known fact that the younger the child, the more parents need to be involved to help their child stay on schedule and supervise that their work is completed and turned in. There is no avoiding that reality whether it is a Remote Learning or homeschool circumstance.

    But, Clairbourn students are trained to grow into tech-savvy problem-solvers who are strong in time-management and are responsible with their assignments and homework. As students move up through the grade levels, they become more and more free of the need for parent support and are usually successfully independent by middle school. 

    It is important to remember that Clairbourn goes beyond academics.  Our programs are well-rounded in all subjects, employ researched-backed educational techniques, include character education, and our teachers are equipped to handle differentiated mindsets and learning styles. Our students are not only prepared to learn the skills and qualities desired by the top high schools, but they are exposed to opportunities that help them develop and understand their strengths as people.  

    Clairbourn students are guided by experienced teachers who promote the growth mindset in their students and who have the patience and love to work with students until they truly grasp a concept-all the while keeping the learning experience enjoyable.

    In our opinion, based on over 94 years of educating students, this is the time to appreciate all the features of of a Clairbourn education. Our engine is roaring, and we're ready to take you and your children forward on the path to success!
  • Can I take a "gap year"? Will you hold my student's spot?

    The demand to attend Clairbourn is currently very high. We have waiting lists and we are turning people away on a regular basis.

    Despite high demand, we are intentionally keeping our class numbers low to ensure social distancing is possible when on-campus learning is allowed so we can protect the health and safety of our students. That means, if you withdraw this year, you run the risk of having no space available in your child's grade when you wish to return.
  • Will there be tuition discounts for Remote Learning?

    Offering Remote Learning creates additional expenses for Clairbourn. In addition to needing to maintain our beautiful campus facilities in a constant state of readiness, we've also invested in the latest technology and equipment to support the Remote Learning Program, including a new fiber network.

    Clairbourn invested a large amount this summer (not tuition revenue dollars) to upgrade the online learning experience of our students, as well as to renovate structural aspects of our campus systems for COVID-19 health and safety along with additional on-campus technology to designed to facilitate social distancing in an on-campus setting. 

    To assist our teachers, we also have one of the finest technology teams under contract, Knowing Technologies, who solely work with schools and their teachers to ensure they are tech-savvy and equipped to deliver meaningful lessons both electronically and in-person for the best learning experience for our students. These people are always on call for our staff!

    Clairbourn's main expenses, which are drawn from tuition dollars, go towards salaries and campus maintenance. Neither of those expenses are reduced when a Remote Learning Program is taking place. The campus must be kept student-ready, and we require our full staff. Therefore, there are no savings to pass along in the form of tuition discounts to our parents.

    Clairbourn is keenly aware that COVID-19 fallout has resulted in a great deal of financial uncertainty for practically every family we serve. If a family feels their financial circumstances have changed and they wish to explore their financial aid options, a conversation may be initiated by the family with our Head of School Dr. Patzlaff who can be reached at
  • How will Remote Learning work for Preschool?

    Unfortunately, preschool is not successful in a remote learning format, and so we must make the very difficult decision to delay the start of our preschool program until a safe return to campus is possible.

    Because we are delaying the start of our preschool program, tuition will be prorated to only include the days when we are in session. We will notify all of our preschool families as soon as we have permission to open on campus. 

Find Out More

How well did Clairbourn do with changing over to Remote Learning in the prior school year due to COVID 19? 

On-Campus Learning FAQs

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • How has the campus been prepared?

    • There are new hand washing stations at the main lunch area.

    • There are hand sanitizing dispensers at every classroom, lunch area, and at the entrance of each building.

    • Bathrooms have dividers installed at the sinks.

    • We have purchased sanitizing equipment and supplies to manage the demand for higher frequency cleaning of areas and high-touch surfaces.

    • We purchased infrared thermometers to screen students and staff each day.

    • We completed a campus-wide fiber network update to allow for 1 to 1 device use in streaming classes.

    • We now have additional devices like Apple TVs to allow for flexibility in space usage.

    • We have expanded our lunch area to allow for social distancing.
  • What are some of the health and safety protocols?

    • Temperature checks are required for anyone entering campus, including employees.

    • Limiting or restricting visitors to campus

    • Additional hand washing stations and additional hand sanitizer stations with protocols in place for students and staff to use them

    • Requiring face masks for everyone on campus except when eating or drinking

    • Maintaining social distancing practices

    • Reducing travel between learning spaces

    • Increased cleaning of high touch surfaces

    • Wind instruments will be played at home until recommended by the health department.

    • Staggered arrival and departure times to alleviate the congestion at transportation

    • Assigned seats to aid in the health department doing contact tracing if needed

    • Utilizing a remote format for Morning Assemblies to eliminate large group gatherings (Students present the morning assembly messages, but will record them and stream them to the classrooms for viewing.)
  • How will you ensure cleanliness and sanitation?

    • Clairbourn has purchased disinfectant foggers that will sanitize whole rooms in short amounts of time.

    • We have arranged for increased cleaning of high touch surfaces.

    • Many of the hand washing stations are touchless.

    • We have consulted with heating and air conditioning companies to find what the best settings are to ensure circulation and filtration of indoor air at proper levels and are planning to prop open doors when practical and advisable.

    • We have many outdoor spaces to be used when practical.
  • Will there be a daily health screening for students and staff?

    • Parents must complete a daily health screening through the Magnus Health App.

    • Students and faculty will have temperature checks daily with infrared thermometers.

    • Students or staff exhibiting ANY signs of illness consistent with COVID-19 will be isolated and sent home.
  • How will you maintain enough space between individuals?

    • Our school has a large 8-acre campus with more learning spaces than are needed to properly spread out students. (Other schools are having to rent portable trailers to be able to spread out the students.)

    • The school has calculated the capacity of each room based on the 6-foot spacing guidance from health and safety experts.

    • We have also developed spreadsheets that help us evaluate how our 32 indoor learning spaces and plentiful outdoor spaces might be used with the number of faculty we have.

    • When walking around campus, to ensure distancing we have visual cues, like marks on the sidewalks or barriers, that can be put up to keep people apart.

    • We are prepared to have specialist teachers rotate to the different classrooms instead of having all the students move when this becomes practical (Until then, they will remain remote.)

    • We are prepared to limit campus access by parents, visitors, contractors, and speakers.

  • How will the preschool be affected by the new requirements?

    • If we are allowed to be on campus, we will provide the preschool program as long as we can meet all of the requirements .

    • The start of preschool will be delayed until we can be on site. The tuition is prorated until we are able to start on campus.

    • For preschool pickup and drop-off, if visitors to campus have to be limited, we would do preschool sign-in at the transportation area and escort the students to the classrooms.

    • To ensure a sanitary environment during rest time, the school will follow all licensing requirements for cleaning, storing, and spacing matts and laundering linens.
  • What changes should be expected for Middle School?

    • Currently, there are no team sports allowed.

    • The 6th-8th grade Pali trip has been canceled for the 2020-2021 year.
  • How will snacks and lunch be handled and where will they eat?

    • Any food provided to students will be distributed in single portions by adults using appropriate precautions.

    • The Choice Lunch vendor is prepared to deliver lunches for students and has already determined the needed steps to keep the food safe. We will be using Choice lunch for the 2020-21 milk program to limit the number of vendors on campus.

    • We will not be allowing single lunch deliveries from other vendors. All meals must come from home with the student at the beginning of the day or from Choice Lunch.

    • The CFA sponsored special lunches will be allowed if we can meet safety protocols.

    • The students may eat in their rooms or outdoors depending on the class, current recommendations for spacing, or weather conditions.

    • The Cougar Corner snack shop may be open if we can meet all safety requirements.
  • Will the after school programs and daycare take place?

    • If the after school vendors are able to meet the protocols, we may be able to have the classes and daycare, but if they are not able to, we may not offer those options.
  • What can parents do to help prepare their children?

    • Make students aware of social distancing practices

    • Provide masks for students and have them practice wearing them

    • Practice hand washing

    • Gain awareness of face touching

    • Most importantly, keep the students upbeat, happy, and ready to learn
  • Will there be a Remote Learning option available at all times?

    • For families who may not feel comfortable sending their children to school when on-campus learning is allowed, we will provide a hybrid model.  

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