Estella Bakke

Best Experience Here
The supportive, caring, and thoughtful Clairbourn community has helped make my elementary and middle school the best experience I could have ever hoped for. Having so much care and support from friends and teachers have really helped me figure out who I am, who I want to be, and to be confident in my identity. When I am among my peers and teachers I never feel pressured to change anything about myself to fit in. Everybody around me makes me feel appreciated and accepted. 
Talking about current events in Social Studies is just one example. The teacher listens, makes you feel heard, and values your opinions. Discussing new topics with her and about what’s going on in our government has helped me find a new passion for politics. Expressing my ideas in student council also has helped me become a better leader and listener to others. 

Clairbourn also provided many opportunities to become a more well-rounded person. I have had the honor to study music, been taught new sports skills, and the cuisine projects helped me understand that cooking is an art and not just food. I have tried new things that I thought I would never try, such as acting and memorizing all 134 lines of my role in the Shakespeare play. 

Growing up around Clairbourn Code of Ethics has helped me become a better person. They seem just like five little words, but they revolve around something bigger than you and me. Respect is probably the quality I use the most, whether it is with my parents, teachers, or even students because everybody deserves respect and should have their opinions valued. 

I am extremely grateful when I say thank you to all of the faculty, CFA, and volunteers at Clairbourn that have made my time here so wonderful. Every single parent volunteer who takes time out of their day to provide for the school, or even donate money to the school has helped make my experience here as great as it possibly could be. I would love for any child to get to experience the terrific childhood and education that I received from attending Clairbourn.
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